Saturday, January 20, 2007

Being at Home

Cheerios on the floor.
Sticky hands, sticky clothes, sticky me.
Little ones bouncing about. Noise everywhere.
Music playing in the background.
Curtains open to let in the winter sun.
I love Saturday.
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Jacqniel said...

You are such a poet, Melanie. You stated motherhood so eloquently in so few words.
Sorry your day was so bad at school on Friday. The truth is, those days make you a better person all the way around (if you live through them) :-)
I am feeling a tiny bit stronger each day. I am so impatient for this ordeal to be over so I can get back to school and share in your frustrations. I appreciate you so much! You are one awesome woman. Love you, Jacque

Jacqniel said...

PS - I learned in Weight Watchers that 2% cheese is the same amount of points as fat free - and much more tasty! I fought it for awhile, thinking I knew better, but that little fat makes the food much more satisfying. Just an FYI - Jacque

Jenifer said...

I am trying to harder to embrace days like that, it is not my nature to let things go. Sounds like you enjoyed your day.