Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Spaghetti and Cheese

Yes, I make goulash. My mom taught me how to make her "recipe" (she doesn't cook with recipes) and it's yummy. So tonight we tried it with organic whole wheat elbow noodles and fat free American cheese melted in it. And it wasn't bad. Not quite the same. But I'm thinking that the benefits outweighed the tiny bit that it was off. My daughter was happy. She goes to an exercise/healthy kids class at school and Coach Erin tells them all about how brown foods are good and white foods are bad. So now Brenna's always asking me whether something is a healthy food or a treat? "Because Mama, you should only eat candy one week a day (she means one day a week). That's what Coach Erin says. But Mama (she whispers), you know what? I really like candy all the time." One more thing for me to add to the list of ways that my daughter is growing up too fast.
So the whole modified healthy goulash was fine, but there's still something very satisfying about regular old pasta and fully fattening cheese!
I know that there are others who are far advanced in the world of healthy diets and using organic products. I sort of am in that I know all about it and how to do it. It's the doing it that's not quite there. It's so easy just to fall back on what you know. And I know GOOD food (i.e. fattening). I grew up in NEBRASKA, not exactly the health food capital of the U.S. We're more about comfort food (and it shows). I'm getting better though. I will give myself credit just for trying. Who knows...maybe the motivation that I'm doing it for my kids to be healthy will be the thing that makes it stick!
Do you eat healthy?


Jenifer G. said...

Good intentions. Yup, I have lots of them. I do buy only whole wheat bread and pasta. I certainly try to buy organic and eat healthy but, it comes and gos. Some days we are the picture of healthy eating and some we are rotten.

Try hard and don't beat yourself up when you don't.


Michelle said...

Yep I'm commenting on an old post! For some reason this showed up in my bloglines as a new post and I hadn't seen it before. I think this is the first, and only! time I've seen a pic of Brenna! She's so cute! I think you told me that Kayla's new haircut was very similar to Brenna's and you're right!