Thursday, January 11, 2007


There's something sort of fabulous about Thursday. I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it's the anticipation of pleasure. I really do enjoy my job - it's great while I'm there. But being home, enjoying time with the kiddos. Well, there's not much comparison. And anticipating our wonderful weekend together, well - that's what makes Thursday night great. It's not better than Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. But it's up there. There's just something so nice about feeling like you've almost made it through another week, almost earned another two day reprieve. Almost.

As I sit here, I'm just so content in the fact that things are on their way to just how we want them to be. It's the effort that's gratifying, I think... Work is hard. Marriage is hard. Parenthood is hard. But the Lord blesses that hard work with things like kisses from a three-year old and a good belly laugh from my now 9-month old (just today). And for that, I am blessed.

B says things like "Mommy, you're the mommy (for pretend) and I'm the sister. And it's Halloween. Now you have to answer this door (invisible). Ding Dong." I feel blessed that she lets me into this little wonderful world. I don't know how much longer she'll invite me in. And M's about to embark into the world of toddlerhood. A few short months and he'll be one. No more infancy. He'll be a walking, talking marvel. He's on his way to that already. I had to buy 18 mo. size stuff today because he's so big! B wore such things when she was 18 months old. He's a big boy and it will be such a short time now until he's in preschool. So I'm determined to be content now.

We are young. We make mistakes. Lots of them. But if time is good to us, as it has been to countless others, the images will blur and we'll look back on these times with a smile. For all of the worry, confusion, stress - there are just as many smiles, hugs, and happy tears.

Thank God it's Thursday. Thank God for it all.

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nikki said...

This brought HAPPY TEARS to my eyes..... especially imagining B..... what a doll baby!! And thanks for adding the pics! Made it even better!