Thursday, January 18, 2007

From Mush Brain to Scatter Brain

My mind races...thoughts come in droves...I can't settle down to accomplish anything (imagine The Flight of the Bumblebee playing in the background). It's as if I only can count the minutes of day passing and examine how little I've completed on my ever growing list of things to do. It's overwhelming and intimidating. Will I ever feel "caught up"? Is there even such a thing? The cycle is endless - phone calls, paperwork, plans, meetings, issues, crises, more issues, more meetings...

And I love it all. That is the paradox. But how can I quiet the mind to do what it needs to do today? I may have to chew on that a bit. I may have to shut my eyes and just breathe. For today - just breathe.

There is always tomorrow (and that tomorrow is a Friday!). But you can't continually put things off until tomorrow, at some point, it has to get done. Will it be today? Will I be able to accomplish some of it today? Dear Lord, I certainly hope so.

1 comment:

nikki said...

No no no no no no no NO!!!! You have it ALL WRONG!!!! Haven't you ever seen Gone With the Wind?!?!?! "I'll deal with it tomorrow, for Tomorrow is a better day!".... Words to live by!!! ;)