Thursday, April 5, 2007

not-so-Frequently Asked Questions

Alpha Dogma sent me 5 questions as part of the interview meme that's been going around. It's a lot of pressure though, because hers was so very funny. Mine, not so much. That's alright though, because her questions made for good conversation. For more on AD's interview, click on the crush link below.

So, without further ado, the Q & A:

1. What musical act (past or present) would you most like to see live in concert?

This one is tough for me because I always want to see acts that come to Omaha, and there are a lot. Billy Joel and Elton John came together last year and I really wanted to go to that, but didn't. American Idols Live came to town and I really wanted to see that (because yes, I am a geek who watches American Idol), but didn't. On my mind right now are Tim McGraw and Faith Hill because they are coming to town in June and I'm not going. I like the music they do together and apart, I have for a lot of years - and would love to see them together live. Our "extra" money (ha, ha, ha) never goes for something as expensive as a concert.

Past - probably a big show, like The Beatles. A predictable choice, I know, but their music is awesome and it would have been fun to be part of the craze (if I weren't claustrophobic and terrified of large, out-of-control crowds).

I'm pretty much in awe of anyone with the talent to sing, so I am even impressed at high school productions if the kids can sing (the swing choirs in our district are really good).

2. A telemarketer calls at a highly inconvenient moment, and you do not wish to stay on the line. Do you end the call by being polite or by being rude?

Rude. My typical response is, "No thank you." And I hang up before I hear their rebuttal. I suppose it's sort of polite, since I say thank you.

3. How old were you when you first tasted alcohol and did you enjoy it?

It was my sophomore year of high school, I suppose I was 16. We mixed some Strawberry Schnapps with Mountain Dew. The guy who bought it for us gave us each a tiny shot and took the rest (his fee, I guess). We drank from big sports jugs with straws. Then we walked uptown (the town that I grew up in has a population of 800 people) and acted like idiots. None of us felt a thing. It was fun, but not because of the alcohol. I suppose I enjoyed it, but not because of the alcohol.

The second time I had alcohol is what I count as the first time I really had alcohol (or it had me). Still my sophomore year, last day of 10th grade, party at the river. Drank too many beers, peed in poison ivy, cried out the truck window all the way home. I was so busted the next day when I broke out with poison ivy all up and down my legs and backside. My parents figured that, coupled with my monstrous hangover were punishment enough for my actions. It was fun while it was happening, but I paid for it the next day!

4. What is behind your aversion to pointy chins? Choose your words carefully as Jennifer Garner and her chin of doom may hunt you down and go all 'Alias' on your ass.
I feel I should clarify for those not involved in my email to Alpha Dogma. I apologized for mocking her crush on Captain Picard and then told her how I also make fun of my hubby's crush, Jennifer Garner, for being too pointy. What is my aversion to pointy-ness? I have had to give that some real thought. I guess I like a more rounded face and pointy chins just turn me off. No reason, just personal taste. I don't think it's just chins. Often pointy people also have sharp cheek bones, shoulders, elbows. They just look pointy. Then again, maybe I am just jealous of their low body fat content, since I am so very rounded at the edges these days.

Side note: I actually really like Jenifer Garner as an actress, "13 Going on 30" is a good movie and she's really cute in it. Her chin was much less horrible when she was pregnant, but she's on her way back to pointy now. But I digress...

5. You must spend 48 hours in the company of one of the following daytime TV talk show hosts: Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Phil, Oprah, or Rachael Ray. Who do you chose and will you need to be drunk for the duration?
I pick Ellen. She seems the most personable and I find her to be so funny. I imagine she would be very entertaining as long as she didn't want to go on and on about working out and eating healthy. I'd just want to discuss celebrity gossip and talk about Ally McBeal with Portia DeRossi. I would not need to be drunk, but it would be alright if I were. Oprah comes in second because I'd love to see her fifty bagillion dollar house in California and I imagine her girls' weekends are very fun. I really like Jennifer Aniston, and maybe she'd join us. Rachael Ray could cook for us, but I think she'd get on my nerves for much else.


Omaha Mama said...

I just noticed that I didn't even mention Dr. Phil. I desire no time spent with Dr. Phil. I don't like judgey people. Enough said.

Alpha DogMa said...

I pick Ellen too. I love it when she dances.
What do you think of Reese Witherspoon? I think she's a good actress but her chin is distractingly pointy.
I think you are polite in rebuffing the telemarketer. I take the receiver close to the dog and whisper her kill command ("ooh, is that Whiskers the Cat?") and the telemarketer is deafened by her crazed barking.
Have horrible headache must find Tylenol.

Omaha Mama said...

YES! You've got it now...many famous people are pointy. Love Reese W. but you are absolutely right about her chin.

Jenifer said...

Pointy people? I guess I never really thought about it. I am a voice person. Give me Harrison Ford or Denzel Washington I love them and their voices. I do think Reese is stunning, but yes pointy.

I liked your post from a few days ago (Monday?) where you wrote about who you are writing for. I still feel like that, not really sure who exactly I am talking to sometimes. It is nice to hear it from someone else.

And Ellen all the way.

Michelle said...

such fun questions and answers to read! When a telemarketer calls and asks for Mrs. (last name) I always say, "she's not here right now can I take a message?" They don't want to leave a msg - go figure! LOL

Mimi said...

Uh-oh. I am pointy. An old boyfriend used to say that little alien dude in your post looked like me: tiny chin, big eyes, pointy. Sigh. You can see why he's an ex, right?

I have, btw, the same strategy with telemarketers. You gotta hang up fast, or they just keep you on the phone forever ...

Reese does have a very distracting chin. Jen Garner was indeed very charming in 13 Going On 30: loved that movie, but it mixed up some 80s moments, which bugged me.

nikki said...

Thank Goodness I am ROUND!!! LOL!!