Monday, April 16, 2007

in the car

The Girl: "Mommy, who did you say your brother is?"

Me: "Uncle Brad."

The Girl: "Oh. And why don't you live with him now?"

Hubby: "Honey, big people don't live with their mommies and daddies and brothers, they live with their own families."

The Girl: "But Daddy, I won't have any money for a house of my own."

Hubby: "I promise you can live with us until you are ready for a house and a family of your own."

The Girl, after thinking for a minute: "Daddy, I think you should hide some money for me and I'll come get it when I'm ready for my own house."

Hubby, laughing: "Okay, I'll hide away some money, just for you."


Michelle said...

She's a smart one! Telling dad to starting hiding money away for HER house LOL

Jacqniel said...

Such a cutey! I remember when Matt was in 1st grade and said he would build a house that we could all live in. I wish I had a recording of it.

Jenifer said...

Yeah and according to my girls, money just comes from the "money machine" so no problem Mom we get this thing we want.

Um. Right.

nikki said...

oooh from the mouths of babes.