Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

I'm starting a new weekly post, Grains of Gratitude. I'm taking the idea from Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes, who got the idea from another blogger friend. I like these weekly posts and this is one I definitely can grab hold of. I've always liked the idea of a gratitude journal. My mom keeps a daily gratitude journal and I believe in its power. So every Sunday, I will reflect back on the week before and list those things that I am grateful for.

This past week was crazy busy and hectic on top of that. I'm glad that we made it through in one piece! Here are the other things I feel grateful for today:

1) I went to a wonderful conference about autism (a post about this conference is in the works) for 3 days this past week. The conference was in Kearney, NE, where I went to college for my bachelor's and where my best friend still lives. Not only did I get to learn a whole bunch of new information about autism, I also got to relive the glory days with this friend and drink a few gallons of beer with her. Fun that night, not so fun the next day! I'm so grateful for the people who put on that conference, for the people who are on the autism spectrum and were brave enough to educate those at the conference, and for a safe trip home. It was so windy coming home on the interstate, our vehicle was really getting tossed around. I was very grateful to be home.
2) Last night was Special Friends Prom. This is an event put on by a group of people who feel that it is important to make sure that students with special needs get to have the same memorable high school experiences that other students get while still meeting their needs in a smaller, accessible setting that isn't so intimidating. Students in the general education population also attend and it makes for a really fun night. I'm so grateful that the event was a success, that I had such a good time, and that most of my students attended and also had fun.
3) I'm so glad that the back issues I've been having for the past few days seem to have resolved themselves for the time being and that I am in much less pain today.
4) I finally took the time to check out Google Reader. It is going to save me so much time! Now I can open that and see if any blogs I read have been updated, instead of going to each one. Yay! I never took the time before to figure it out and now I'm really glad that I did!
5) Finally - those that I am grateful for every single day: my kids, husband, a good job, my church, my faith. I am blessed. It's so easy to be grateful for that!
So that's it for this week. I know there are many others that are not coming to mind - but these are the biggies. Anything on your mind that you are feeling especially grateful for today?


Jenifer said...

This is a great idea (pun intended) and it makes you slow down and actually say what you are grateful for - two things I like.

I am grateful that the surprise 60th b-day party I through for my Mom went off without a hitch it hard to plan and keep a secret.

Nice idea...looking forward to the entries.

Michelle said...

Glad to see you're going to be doing this! I think it's so fun to read over other bloggers' gratitude list and see what is going on in their lives!

Sounds like the autism conference was well worth it! Glad you were able to get so much out of it!

How fun does the Special Friends Prom sound! That is awsome that it is a big success!

I finally started using bloglines (which I guess is like google reader) months ago - I am so glad I did because it does save so much time from opening each blog every day to see if there was a new post!

Alpha DogMa said...

I love the idea of a Special Friends Prom. That's amazing.

Jacqniel said...

There are so many things I am grateful for, but today, I am going to say I am grateful for YOU for making my new 'journey' so much more stress free. You are appreciated! Jacque

Lawyer Mama said...

Gosh, there are so many things I'm grateful for I wouldn't know where to start. Great idea though.

I found you through a comment over at Alpha Dogma. I know your comments have caught my eye before because I lived in Omaha for 10 years. My parents still live there. I went to high school in Bellevue. My hubby grew up in a very small town in SW Nebraska.

Anyway, love your blog!

Mimi said...

Lovely post!

Me? Today I'm grateful that Pynchon loves me so much, and hugs me as much as I want when I'm feeling crappy. And I want a lot of hugs. And he doen'st even bat an eye.