Thursday, January 24, 2008

Curing Stuffitis

I'm a few weeks into the shopping embargo. I'm not going to lie, there have been some tough moments. The sales! Oh my, the sales. I hadn't anticipated skipping all of the winter sales.

The main difference I've noticed since starting this is that I just don't go to the store, at all. I've gone once to one of the big discount stores, when I needed diapers. Otherwise, I just stick to my neighborhood grocery store.

We've been trying to change our budget a lot and have gone to all cash for our expenses (aside from the monthly bills, obviously). So I've got an envelope system going, which has worked great this month. The Hubs and I have committed to doing that for a year, to see if it helps us in our goal of paying off some of our debts (we'll be paying student loans until our kids are ready to go to college!).

So far, so good. I wish I had some huge revelation to share. It's just been a pretty organic experience. Aside from missing a few bargains, it hasn't been a huge change. No new gadgets, no new toys. I think we'll probably even extend it past the March 1 deadline!


Jenifer said...

It is almost a relief to not come home and have to figure out where to put all the stuff you bought. We did a massive basement clean-out a few weeks ago and actually went through every tote and box in the basement.

We threw out or gave to charity so much stuff it blew my mind. I am a sucker for a deal or a great sale and sometimes it IS a good buy, especially winter clothes for example at great prices for next year.

Good for you for sticking to it and your strategy of simply not going to the stores works for me too! If I stay away from the stores all week other than the local grocery store there is a lot more left over in the end.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

You are a better woman than I am. I'm doing a lot better (I mainly EAT my money with fast food). Keep it up (especially the bloggin! I love staying in touch!)

nikkis30by30 said...

I have one suggestion. If the bargains are something that will be needed, is it against the rules? What I am saying is; if kids' clothes for next winter are only $2 for an outfit right now, doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of trying to save money if you DON'T buy a couple now? I am honestly not trying to play devil's advocate here. And I am not saying go buy next year's wardrobe all at once tomorrow. I am just saying that to get a few bargains NOW will save you later. Is that against the rules? I ask because we, too, are trying the whole "less spending" thing. But, I HAVE hit those sales, not only because the boy needed pants without holes, but the sales I hit were AWESOME!! It's just a thought/question. Let me know!!


Beck said...

Sigh. The Girl just went through a growth spurt and outgrew EVERYTHING. She's out of her pants! She's out of her shirts! It sucks! So I'm going to have to take out my poor, weary credit card and buy her some clothing or start stacking books on her head to stunt her. One or the other.

Mama said...

Do you feel powerful? I've heard some of my younger co-workers who've gotten strict with themselves say that they begin to feel powerful because they have control over all situations. If there's no money in an envelop there's no thinking- they can't buy. Hang in there, find some friends who are on the same page and "pauper together", ya know, eat at each other's homes or have a game night of pop and popcorn, exchange kids clothes, etc. You will have so much fun!! And blog's free!!!!!!

Mimi said...

Yah! The best strategy for me is always just to not go out to the shops. Or to look at magazines. It's amazing how much shopping is just impulse-driven, huh? Yay for you!

Anonymous said...

Good job.

My general rule about shopping sales: don't buy it the first day. Give yourself a 24 hour cooling off period and if you are STILL thinking about it, go back. Usually I don't think about it again, OR when I go back it is gone which I call 'fate.'

Mad Hatter said...

Good job.

I've been avoiding the stores too--almost. It was pretty cold here for a week straight and we did head to the mall once to break the cabin fever but I came away from the experience victorious. I do have a semi-confession to make about something I picked up at the grocery store that I hope to blog about tomorrow or Wed. Stay tuned.