Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Miss Her Too

We are on spring break this week.
I spent the earlier part of the week taking care of personal appointments and doing some spring cleaning. Yesterday we had one of B's friends over all day. A magical little girl who my B listens to and doesn't argue with. We had a fabulous day where I played super mom, baking and whipping up homemade play dough. The sun was out, we were cheerful.
Today the rain has come. The children are arguing. I am a bit grumpy.
B misses her friend, she tearfully proclaims upon waking.
I miss her too.
So now they are happily munching breakfast and I'm having a cup of coffee. We will regroup and hopefully the mean mommy voice will be dormant for the remainder of the day, having just used the tired phrase, "I can only do one thing at a time!"
Tomorrow is my little man's 2nd birthday. We've big plans for a morning at the Children's Museum and lunch out. Then on Saturday will host grandparents, aunts, and uncles, which totals over 20 people to feed and entertain. I've made an ambitious menu, which has me a little nervous. I've got a big grocery list to hunt down today, in the rain. Woo.Hoo.
Hopefully my mood will not mirror the weather for the duration, since I believe it's going to be cold and rainy (and snowy!) for the next three days. I've got to dig deep into the reserves for some personal sunshine.
So here I go.


Jenifer said...

How about my favourite, "I only have two hands!" usually said at a level bordering on shrieking. We ALL have those moments - it will be brighter another day. And you touched on my post that I had forgotten about, me being a much nicer version of myself that I call "playdate Mom" - I guess we all feel like that some days.

Good luck with the shopping. Papoosie Girl had her First Communion last weekend so I was in your shoes this time last week.

Mimi said...

Oh, around here I've been saying this a lot: "I can only move so fast," "I *AM* getting you more cereal / yogurt / milk /crackers / grapes," "Mommy needs to go to the bathroom" It's nice to get a chance to put that behind us, and be our kinder, better selves.

Anonymous said...

Ugh I hate grocery shopping in the rain.

Have a great weekend!

nikkis30by30 said...

I'm feeling "rainy" too. I am on my second pot of coffee (shared with hubs) and still needing a nap. I love the rain. But knowing the snow is coming behind it and is keeping me from going to visit Gma is making me grumpy. The mean mommy voice has come out a couple of times today. Followed by an apology. It's not their fault I have these things in my head today.

Beck said...

Playdate Mom is just like me, except she's nicer and more fun and talks in a higher pitched voice. I'm considering moving other kids into our home just to keep Playdate Mom around.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Sunshine from Florida! I'm sending it now! All of the anoles and geckos are out, scaring the crap out of me as I walk to my car. Seriously, I may never adapt to them scattering everywhere.

Aliki2006 said...

Breaks are hard for the parents, too. I find I always have a stumbling around period where I have to get used to having the kids around all day, inevitably squabbling. The mean mommy voice comes out a lot, too, at those times!