Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have received some precious gifts in the past year, as my grandparents said goodbye to their homes, as they parted with items that I imagine they had pictured passing on to family. I hope to do the same thing some day.

I hope to have something that someone would want. It will probably be my grandparents' things!

My favorite has got to be a cookbook with my grandmother's name handwritten on the front cover. It is a local Legion Auxiliary cookbook, an organization I belonged to in my youth.

Her notes make me feel like I'm in on a fantastic secret. The pages with drips and slops cue me to take notice, there must be a gem near!

Vodka Slush
[you just can't find this one just anywhere, so pay attention! Mom - is this the bucket recipe you talked about that made tupperware parties extra special?!]

9 c. water
2 c. sugar
4 green tea bags
12 oz. frozen lemonade
12 oz. frozen orange juice
2 c. vodka
7-up or Sprite

Boil sugar and water. Add the tea bags. Cool 2-3 hours. Add the lemonade, orange juice, and vodka. Freeze at least 24 hrs. Serve with 7-up or Sprite. Optional - you may double the vodka.

I love that option. Sort of the kicker - just how tipsy do we want to be???



nikkis30by30 said...

Oooooh my. Weekend tip that is MUCH needed. Although, I fear should I drink it alone...... what would the outcome be???? ;)

Jen said...

Today is definitely a double-the-vodka day! Always good to know that is an option.

Anonymous said...

Legion Auxiliary parties must be a hoot.

Anonymous said...

I read out the recipe to my husband and he swears his mom use to make this for him as a child.

Minus the vodka. Or so he says.

California mom said...

my mom also used to make the kids a special batch that wasn't spiked. It was really tasty stuff too. I think I'll make some for my kids (minus the vodka of course!)

Beck said...

My grandmother - being a strict Methodist - did NOT drink and drinking was not allowed in her house and even now I feel rather furtive and wicked as I have my glass of wine.
My husband's grandmother is a Dutch Catholic and drinks A LOT, which SCANDALIZES me. SCANDALIZES! HAHAHA!

Michelle said...

that sounds really tasty! I wouldn't have to opt NOT to double the vodka though...just a small amt is enough for me to feel tipsy! LOL

Aliki2006 said...

Oh, that recipe does sound yummy! I love those old cookbooks, especially when they are dribbled with relics of the past.

Mama said...

I love my community and family cook books. I know the people and who's a fabulous cook and I always use their recipes. Maybe some day we should make a cook book.