Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another One Down - 27 To Go

It is summer now? Now??? NOW?!?!?!

One week from tomorrow is our last day of work/daycare/etc. Then I get to be a stay-at-home mommy for a couple of months. I have big plans to get us out and about this summer. Now that my little man is three, he's slightly more portable.

I'm also excited that my B is taking a three week summer class offered by our district. The subject is Spanish and I have big hopes that she'll really enjoy it. I am hoping to take advantage and spend some quality time with my M, who is now three and developing a very distinct personality. I want to get to know him in a new way, just him. Minus the distraction of his sister and his...ahem, "friendship" with her.

For three hours a morning, four days a week, for three weeks. That's 36 hrs of mommy and me time.

But why do I wait for summer? Why do I not use my weekends in a more constructive way with my kids? Exhaustion. Stress. Housework. DVR.

I will always say this: I think teaching is the best of both worlds, parenting-wise. For those who want to work outside the home, but are conflicted about it. It provides both the income our family relies on and time to connect with my kids. I'm so grateful for both!

So in approx. 8 days, it's summer! Woot! And we are going to make the most of it this year.
I plan to make it so.



Anonymous said...

He's going to love it!

Mama said...

Hey, quit with the self abuse. Just enjoy what you do get done. Guilt is a hazard of motherhood. Overcome it. There should be a "motherhood anonymous" group, where women can confess their guilt and other mom's can help them see the error of their ways (the guilt) and tell them to just enjoy their kids. [I do think technology does interfere with human connections in general. I had to multi-task when my kids were little- listen to Focus on the Family while I got dinner ready and they were playing, and Phil Donohue during naptime and I was doing laundry. I went to bed with my kids. Dave was a very tolerant husband and still says he did not resent the time I spent on the kids. Now he can have ALL my time!!!! It works out! Enjoy your summer.

thirtysomething said...

I am terribly envious! Have a great summer!

Aliki2006 said...

I know you'll make it a great summer! And I agree about teaching...I have a few friends who teach elementary school (and one who teaches high school). Teaching is so draining, but it's the best way to have your career, earn income, and STILL have that family time that is so valuable.

And that Spanish camp sounds amazing!