Monday, May 25, 2009

A great day off for civilians, I can't help but think of the honorable servicemen and women who don't have today off. Who are in foreign countries fighting for the freedom of many.


I used this morning to choose a winner for 4 circus tickets! I entered all of my email and blog comment entries and the winner is Jen at Full Circle! Congrats. Jen, email me and I will give you the scoop on how to get the tix. I've got to get a little info from you to make it official.

Have a great holiday everyone. Around the OM house we've started the day off on a particularly leisurely note. We're all still in our pajamas, I'm sipping a cup of coffee, pondering what today holds.

Plans include tackling the piles of laundry, piles of mail, piles of toys. Some late-spring cleaning. Hopefully later we can also include a trip down to the park.

May your day be blessed as we remember those who have helped to make it so.


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Jen said...

Thanks so much! That makes me so happy! I am not sure how to email you, but my email is Just let me know what info you need.