Friday, May 8, 2009


"Mommy, since it's gonna be Mother's Day, you can pick what I will be. Space explorer, paleontologist, farmer, movie star, or a super star. Which will it be?"

I say, entomologist (she's got a strange interest in bugs and is a natural scientist, I've been pushing entomology, she just can't ever remember how to pronounce it).

"But mommy! I really want to go space! I'm going to name a planet!"

I say, you can name a planet from Earth.

She looks at me, confused. "I will name it here, but then I get to go visit it!"

I frown. Not a huge fan of the thought of space exploration. I tell her she can be an astronaut if she chooses to, but that I will miss her.

So she pinky swears with me that she will come back as soon as she can.

Then it hits me. Bam.

Some day she really will go.

Maybe not to space. But somewhere. A university. A dorm.

It knocked the breath out of me a little. I'm not usually quite so sappy, but it hit me. She won't be here, telling me ridiculous jokes, demanding another episode of Zack & Cody. Not forever.

Wow. That's too much for this Friday.

I'm just going to hang on to kindergarten. And my five-year old. For now.


Subspace Beacon said...

Yes, hang on to that girl. She's so lovely.

Mama said...

B in space... awesome. Every time I look up into the sky I will see her little face, that would be her space face, and dream with her. Be anything you can dream of little B girl!!!!!

Midwest Beach Girl said...

She shall have to come visit cousin Stacey and see a shuttle launch! Makes me sniffle like a sappy country song. *sniff*

Kim said...

I am with you....It is sad.

Very sad.

I hope that with time comes acceptance.

(I also hope that with time this lump in my throat and ache in my heart subsides...)

nikkis30by30 said...

**sniff sniff** Real tears falling. Too much reality. Were we really that little once, playing Barbies?? Wow.

mum2brady said...

You just hang on tight - cause you are in for the ride of your life ;) And, it's a great ride - but over wayyyyy too fast!!! Kindergarten today - graduation tomorrow - but soooo many precious moments in between :) Having hit that graduation day (next week - yikes) I encourage you (although I know you already do) to cherish and treasure each and every moment, cause they go faster and faster and faster!!!

Your girl is darling - I hope she stays earthbound - but I know from experience you have to let them spread their wings :)