Sunday, January 29, 2012

48 months ago...

Four years ago, they were lining up animals and making a meal for them.
This morning, they are dressed as pirates, playing in the junkyard (toy room) with the animals all lined up, being fed.

Feels so good that everything doesn't have to change all at once.

Because honestly, so much has.

That same month, we took the front rail off of Buddy's crib.
He was nearing age two and kept climbing out. He would only have that binkie for two more months.

Tonight I'll tuck him under that same dino blankie. The same one he has slept with since he was in that crib.

Thank goodness it doesn't have to change all at once.


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Jen said...

Love the pictures and the "look back" -such cuties! I'm with you...they are getting older so quickly, which makes me do thankful for the little moments where I can recognize that not everything is changing.