Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I wasn't going to write resolutions because they are the same every year. And every year, I say - THIS IS THE YEAR!

---> I have the same 30 lbs. to lose.
---> My house is not ready for a magazine spread.
---> I have not managed to follow a routine or schedule to maintain productivity.

That being said, I still want to.

So...I will be resolved once again. Even if I am 10 days late to the party.

*use my Wii fit, go to the Y and take a class (yoga on Thursday!), take some walks
*make a new vegetarian recipe every week (we are not vegetarians...but I like the idea of trying new things)
*mail one note/card/letter per week
*follow that beautiful routine/schedule that I made last year (housekeeping routines etc)
*give my kids undivided attention every day...listen, learn, converse with them
*teach Bee and Buddy how to cook
*teach the kids about money and use a save/spend/give approach with allowance
*follow the save/spend/give approach myself

I have everything I need to make these happen...I may have to follow Swistle's example and make a pretty, framed version to remind me. Because THIS IS THE YEAR! No really! It is!!



Swistle said...

Ooo, I love the one about sending a piece of snail mail every week!

Jenifer said...

This made me laugh...and so did Swistle's list for that matter. The line about "I want to" just made it for me. I am not so good about keeping resolutions, but I have made a few changes.

A big one is meal planning, I am trying TRYING to shop with a plan for all five weeknight suppers. I am still not a genius at it yet and there are still a few grilled cheese, salad and smoothie nights, but hey it is all the food groups right?!

Mimi in the Midwest said...

OM, I once read that young girls without goals or dreams usually ended up pregnant as teens, in dead end jobs and/or HS drop outs. I think the same is true for grown-up girls. We need our dreams or goals. I think it's good to have the same goal every year. If they are right for us we can never reach those perfect goals.... keep on!