Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little Pasta Angel

This little angel was made lovingly by yours truly during Sunday School in 1986.
She has hung on a Christmas tree every year since.

I've glued her arms back on, a couple of years ago she lost half of her wings and this year her one arm actually disintegrated before my eyes. Painted pasta must have a 25 year shelf life.

I considered rebuilding her, trying to give her a few more years, but no. I decided to take a few pictures and then send her on her merry way. To live with the bunnies who made a home in my blankie at the dump when I was in 2nd grade.

My goal is to make these with my kids next year. They really are cute. And God bless the Sunday School teacher who had the patience to make these with us! I think it will be a fun little craft and then we can have lots of new pasta angels next year to hang on the tree.

Sometimes I get attached to the strangest things! It was hard to tell her goodbye.



Jenifer said...

That is one cute ornament and I think it will make a great craft project for next Christmas with the kids.

I can totally relate though...sometimes I get attached to the strangest things as well. I think it is what the item represents or that I am trying to recapture the time and place somehow.

I gotta ask, what is the hair made of?

Omaha Mama said...

The wings were bowtie pasta. The body is rigatoni. I think the hair is a pasta?! I'm not sure what it is called or whether it's widely available. The head is a wooden ball. The arms, of course, were macaroni. :-) The tiny book is a folded piece of cardstock and had my name and the year in it. Not sure if I could recreate it so well...I don't know how the Sunday School teacher did that with the whole class.

Nan | Wrath Of Mom said...

Just like Jenifer -- I want to make one of these next year. So cute! Thanks for the break down of the supplies. Did the teacher pre-paint all the bits? If I make them, I might give my sanity a wee-break and spray paint all the pasta before hand.

Omaha Mama said...

My guess was that the teacher had everything painted...I really don't she could've had us paint it all and glued it all and maintained her sanity and good-standing as a Sunday School teacher. A good friend reminded me on facebook that we also had one whose wings were painted gold. I hadn't remember that one and am guessing it met an early demise at our house. I'm perplexed by the adhesive, especially the hair pasta, which I think is frog eye.