Thursday, March 1, 2007

Just another snowy Thursday

Another snow day! Woo hoo!!! I had a really hectic day yesterday and being blessed with a day at home is a wonderful remedy. So - thanks to this horrible weather front that is making so many peoples' lives difficult this morning. I'm sorry to those stuck in ditches or whose daycare centers are closed...but it sure is nice to be home.

Before I go on to what I really wanted to confess this morning - must give Alpha Dogma one tidbit. The green globe link is between the button that changes the font color and the left justification tab in the main 'create post' window. See it now?

Okay - on to much more important (ha) things. I have a confession to make. It's something I don't usually admit to. It's kind of like how I hid the fact that I liked Britney Spears in my early 20's, and how I don't admit in mixed groups to listening to a cranked up Bing Crosby CD at home, it's also how I keep most other embarrassing guilty pleasures hidden away in secret. So here goes: I watch American Idol. Every week. Now that it's to the competition, I make sure not to miss an episode. There were times in years past when I even called to vote towards the end.

Last night B and I were watching it (the boys were in the room too) and we danced each time the girls got up to sing. It started me thinking? Is this my generation's American Bandstand? They are calling Ryan Seacrest the next Dick Clark. Some of the kids getting their start on that show are becoming huge stars. One just won an Oscar. Others have Grammys. You might say who cares? But my point is that I hope when B's long term memory kicks in here in a couple of years that she remembers doing this with me fondly. I hope she remembers how goofy I looked when I dance and how I always say "B, you should have dance lessons, but not from mommy!" I hope that it's something we watch together for years to come. When I was in about 2nd grade, my mom started letting me stay up later on Thursday night to watch Knot's Landing. Man, I loved that show! It ended when I was in high school. I remember watching it with my mom, it was something we shared. I hope I have something like that with B. I challenge you: admit those guilty pleasures in a comment here. Or something you share with your kids - silly or not.


bubandpie said...

Alas for poor Mac users with Safari - we don't get any of those gadgets: it's just one little box for adding photos and, I think, maybe one more for italics. Yippee.

Jacqniel said...

I, too, watch American Idol. Could you believe AJ got sent home over the young man with the long hair? Teenie boppers and old ladies voted him back.
My one guilty pleasure used to be playing Zelda. My son loves to tell the story about how I forgot him at a vocal practice because I was entrenched in my game. Very embarrasing.
I love to sing and I passed this love on to my boys. I am sure they would remember how I sang just about everything to them...Good morning! How are you? What sounds good for lunch? Dorky, but true.