Saturday, March 17, 2007

Never land

"You can read your book for a few more minutes, then you need to go to sleep."

To clarify, that is my daughter asleep under her new fairy book. Did I think she'd really go to sleep after reading her book for a few minutes? No. She did. It is a beautiful book that folds out to reveal each fairy's special room in the tree in pixie hollow. She loves it and apparently decided to fall asleep there.

It reminds me so much of my own childhood. I spent most of it in far-off dream worlds. I would get images from books and movies and then transport myself there. I saw Dirty Dancing in 4th grade and spent that whole summer pretending I was off at a summer lodge with my family, learning to dance with a cute Patrick Swayze-esque guy. At the time, I did not see the creepy, statutory rape theme that I now do as a mother, I was just taken away to that beautiful place. It was the same with the movie Grease and The Little Mermaid. I always got to play the main character and the prince always wanted me for his own.

I hope my little girl enjoys this imaginary play as much as I did as a child. And I hope I do nothing to squelch it.


Michelle said...

That's so cute!! I kept believe she was able to fall asleep like that! Have you ever heard of this website: You can get personalized children's books (actually there are only 2 choices, but they're great - we have both!) I thought of this site because one of the books is "My Very Own Fairy Tale" and each page is a letter in your child's name until the end when they spell out first and last name. It's really neat, and a great way to teach them how to spell their names. Kayla loves her books.

The only reason I let Kayla's hair grow out as long as I did is because she doesn't like to get her hair cut! She won't keep her head still and just moves entirely too much, so it just grew and grew and grew LOL Until I got it cut a couple weeks ago :)

Alpha DogMa said...

As your page loaded and I started to read, I realized that my oldest was going commando in bed and jumped up to diaper him. So thanks, otherwise I might have been changing sheets at 3 AM (again)!

I was never quite sure about Dirty Dancing - is the Patrick Swayze character suppose to be as old as he looks or were we suppose to think he was younger? Regardless your comment made me laugh. I've never seen Grease (yes, I'm a freak - I'll get around to it someday), but I too fantasized about 'starring' in movies and tv shows and ALWAYS the cute boy/man chased me.

Jenifer G. said...

Dirty Dancing...ohh I so loved that movie - white Keds - and great music. And that whole, "this is my space" thing gosh I could eat that up.

nikki said...

I have SO MANY pictures of Addison in this same "pose"!!! I used to get to giggling so hard while trying to take the pictures that I would have to take three or four before getting a non-blurry shot!!! Ohhhh the joys of parenting!!!!

bubandpie said...

I think many of us spent a summer dreaming about Patrick Swayze back in the day. It's just that some of us - ahem - were in grade 11.

Swistle said...

That is so, so cute and funny.