Thursday, March 1, 2007

Snow Cave


Two posts in one day?!? Well...I had to share pictures of the snow. Now snow may not be a big deal to people living in other regions (Canada?) but in Omaha, NE - it's rare to have such a blizzard. It started with rain last night, then freezing rain, then thunder snow, now just SNOW. And WIND. The city is in shut down mode. White out conditions, closed roads, a 27 car pile up! The hubby came home from work when I called to insist that he come home from work and now he's out digging out the huge drifts so that the new drifts can come make their way.

What has been frustrating for me today is that every window is caked with ice and snow. I feel like I'm living in a cave. What I love about a snow day (besides naps) is sitting in the chair, sipping coffee, looking out the window. I begged hubby to scrape the windows while he was out too, which he kindly did. My one phobia is claustrophobia. I do not like feeling trapped in my own home. At least now we're all safe and warm. I'd better go, Sesame Street is on and I'm missing it!

Thanks to the hubby for braving the cold - at least the drifts won't reach 10 ft. high! (I hope!) The drifts on our back patio are hip high on the hubby, at he's 6'4"!

Stay warm good friends! ~Melanie


bubandpie said...

The snow isn't rare up here - but I still feel that urge to take pictures and post about it. It never stops being a (highly inconvenient) miracle.

Michelle said...

Wow that sure is a lot of snow! Hope you're not housebound for too long!