Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Almost Five

It's as if she's suddenly an actress, practicing for the role of a sulking child. She stomps around, shouting her disgust at the world's injustices. She hasn't got the right clothes to wear. Her brother ruins everything. She has nothing fun to do. She needs that toy, you know the one, she lost it last year. Life is no fair.

She delights in playing with the tone of her whining. She amps it up if no one is listening. She plays it down if she's afraid her father might be in earshot.

Her temper is quick, so is the forgiveness.

She is suddenly pre-pre-teen, at the ripe old age of four.

On Monday, she will be five. There were be fanfare and praise on that day. Today, just an homage to our new little drama queen. Practicing the power of her words and actions.

Our little B. Becoming her own person.
Please let us help you along the way.


Mama said...

REMEMBER THIS PHRASE- "SHE'S VYING FOR THE ACADEMY AWARD!" We said it many times, and look, we ended up with a theater minor and a research analysist. Who'd uv guessed it?! Uncle Gary's phrase was- "Calm down...c-a-l-m d-o-w-n." Isn't it amazing how they are born with personalities, no instructions, and we get to figure it out? I always say, "I'm a much better teacher than I was a mom." because my students will calm down for me but my kids wouldn't. Go figure!

Mama said...

p.s. UD thinks she looks just like you! She's a cutie!

Jenifer said...

With an almost five year old and a seven year old girl in the house I can tell you if nothing else, this is so bang on you have no idea.

Both my girls are exactly as you described...going on 17. My eldest told me tonight that she should get to stay up later that her sister and fair enough we might start doing that come school time. She insisted however, that it should start now and since it was already 9pm - an hour past our normal-not-on-vacation bedtime I told her no-way. She was convinced she should stay up until 10pm!

My patience has been tested (and lost) so many times I sometimes wonder how I have not gone mad.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

I love it! I can just hear her going on. (Or is that me recalling my childhood...)

Jen said...

Yes, this all sounds familiar...and my daughter has not even reached this age yet! Have fun celebrating!!!

Anonymous said...

I was THAT girl. Really, I was. So very dramatic. It's why my mother encouraged me to write -- so I would play out the drama in silence but on paper.

Omaha Mama said...

My B has started writing (scribbling) in her diary this week. Tonight Hubs helped her write "Mommy is very special." Suck ups!
Seriously though, I've kept a diary/journal since age 10 and hope she will too.

Michelle said...

Kayla has developed quite the sassy attitude too! She was just telling Joe, "stop it daddy! stop it!" and he was doing nothing but sitting on the couch LOL

I wish we lived closer so our girls could celebrate their birthdays together! :)

kristi said...

My daughter was very dramatic! She has mellowed out but unfortunately has passed some of her behaviors onto her little brother.