Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Kid-Tough Camera Edition

Our B's birthday this year has much hoopla, although not totally unlike other years. Every year has included a family BBQ with Hubs' family and mine, a once a year gathering of sorts. With a pinata. We also have always done something especially fun on the actual birthday.

This year we added in a friend birthday while taking out none of the other fun. So it's three celebrations for five years of life. It's a birthday extravaganza!

We got her a kid-friendly digital camera for her birthday, which was just what she wanted and pleased her very much. It's fun for her because she can look at the pictures she's taken. The main bummer being that photos taken are poor quality and almost always blurry.

Here's a birthday memoir from the eyes of a five-year old.

It was fun, to see what she had gone around to snap photos of. Very random, very fun.

Here's a few shots from our trip to the indoor water park. I took them, so they are a slight less blurry.


nikkis30by30 said...

FUN!!!!! We want to take the kids there one of these days. Maybe we could make it a group event?!?! Were the prices reasonable?

Did Miss B get my message on the answering machine?!?!?

Beck said...

Very nice! We're thinking about getting that camera (shh!) for The Boy for Christmas.

Whimsy said...

One of my favorite things in the world is to see pictures taken by a small person. I have a small photo album of pics that I took when I was young, and they make me laugh.

Jenifer said...

Santa bought our eldest a Disney digital camera for Christmas this past year and it wasn't cheap around $70-$80 and in the end we returned it because the pictures were so blurry we could never see anything. Now she either uses our digital or we get a disposable.

The problem was she was so used to seeing our digital photos she could never understand why hers were so bad.

Glad you had tons of birthday fun.

jen said...

i love it. first impressions.

Michelle said...

Is that the vtech camera? Kayla has that one and yeah you do have to hold it pretty still to get a clear shot; which she doesn't usually do LOL Still is neat to see some of her pictures though!

That water park looks like fun! Happy 5th birthday!

Mama said...

I wanna sit by the pool and watch my kids play!! One of my wonderful memories of being a young mom. They loved the water so much. They were in the "pool" every day of the summer and in January we always went to the K Holidome with our college friends and their families. What fun!! Enjoy!