Monday, July 7, 2008

Mixed Bag

It has been a strange summer. The weather has been extreme at times, and then just rainy at others. Kiddie pool time has been limited. We've only been to the zoo once! We haven't used our Children's Museum membership, yet we've stayed what I consider to be busy. Doing what, I can't really say. Right now, it's our typical morning. Playhouse Disney for them, some computer time and a cup of coffee for me.

My poor Hubs is back at it with grad school, trying to get that Dr. put in front of his name. It's treacherous, the working/schooling/husband/father thing, and I really feel for him. I remember the stress and tears and self-loathing that was grad school. There's never enough of you to go around. What makes it great is the end-point. When you make it out the other side alive and you've got some letters behind your name. I'm so proud of him for doing it. I'm not sure I would have it in me at this point.

Today I realize we're at the halfway mark for the break. July is it. I go back on August 7th, officially, though will work for several extra days before the big day.

I was reading through my journal last night. The days of my B's birth and infancy. How enamored I was (am) with her. How magical becoming a mother was for me. Then I read this:

My baby is one month old. I have a daughter and she is already
growing and changing so much! It's all going so fast and I try to take it
all in and savor every minute. My leave from work is 1/2 over and it's hard
not to dwell on that. I really think I would stay home if I could, but we
just can't swing it financially. So I'm going back to work in a month and
I'm starting school in January to become a special ed. teacher. I just
hope that Brenna will always know how much I love her and understand
that I'm doing this for her, so that I can be with her more in the future. I
just really want to be a good mommy - I guess I never knew how important
that would be to me. I love this little girl more than I thought
possible and can't wait to spend the rest of my life knowing her.

That girl will be five in a few weeks.
I'm spending my second summer off with her and our Little Man. Wow.

Things have worked out particularly well, overall.
Now it's time to get dressed. We are off to swim lessons.


Mama said...

I alway vacillate between trying to help mothers-to-be understand how much they'll love their baby and not want to leave to go back to work and just letting them "get it" when they have the baby. I usually just let them make their plans to leave the baby with a complete stranger and how they'll go exercise every day after work and continue to meet their friends in KC every summer, etc. I loved my children so much while I was pregnant but was awestruck by how much more I loved them after they were born. I can still remember that!!!!! I love them & I'm so thankful I love their spouses as well. And their children, oh my how I love them, too. Mushie, mushie.

Anonymous said...

Omaha Papa is in grad school? Good for him. What a learned bunch you are. I think it's great -- in part because you are role modeling life long learning for your children.

We are only 10 days into our summer break here. Which timed perfectly to coincide with the worst black fly outbreak in years. So today it was to the pool because even if the beach is free, it's not worth it.