Saturday, July 5, 2008

Independence Day

We were at my parents' yesterday, for an Independence Day celebration in the country (pictures later). We returned home just this afternoon, with our little man sporting a mystery fever. Hopefully it's just a random virus, but it's got us keeping a close eye any way.

I had a wonderful moment of peace driving back home this afternoon. Since I moved to the eastern end of our state, eight years ago, I have always felt this sense of coming home as we approach the area that I grew up. An exhaling of sorts, where I felt like I was returning to where I belong. The land stretches out flatter, as the trees grow further apart and the spaces are filled with more crops than buildings.

Today, I felt the opposite. As we approached the hillier end of the state, I was excited. Feeling the anticipation of returning home. Suddenly, I was all grown up. I was returning home, instead of driving away from it, going just where I wanted to be. Where I knew I should be.

It's great to visit family, it's wonderful to celebrate a national holiday together, to go back to my hometown. Yet it was a significant milestone for me. This moment of peace, as we approached Omaha.

I am home.


Alpha DogMa said...

Very true. Going to my parents home is just not the same as coming home to where I am the parent.

How was your blog break, then?

Beck said...

WE stupidly moved back to my hometown, thus MESSING EVERYTHING UP FOREVER!
Glad to have you home!

Mama said...

When our children are coming to see us I try to be intentional about saying, "Are you coming to the farm?" because where they live is their home. I am afraid my children have had a feeling of chaos when they "come to the farm" the last few years as we transition mothers to new homes (the junk that comes into our home plus the time to get MOM moved) + one of the 4 adult children that move every 6 months return or leave items here= a big mess, everywhere! Oh well, I guess I can have a goal to get stuff cleaned up just like when I had four young children at home with us. MY GOAL- get junk out of my life upstairs, downstairs, in the garage, yard, shed, out-buildings and rental storage so I can spend my neural energy on REAL things. I think that can be accomplished in a week, don't you? HA HA HA

Mimi said...

You've said this so well: I know exactly how you feel.

nikkis30by30 said...

Aunt J- the clock is now ticking. I will be at your house in one week to check on your progress!!! ;)

I have felt the "getting HOME" feeling ever since my parents left Holdrege. It's odd, but a relief when you realize THIS is where you are meant to be.

Can't wait to see the pictures of the Fourth!