Sunday, June 29, 2008

If They Can't Watch TV...

I've been doing three simultaneous Bible studies. Two are within groups at church, one is an ebook that I won in a blog give-away. They are all starting to melt together and it's amazing, how I see God giving me the information and guidance I need, just as I need it.

One is a book about praying for your husband and being a supportive wife. This is a role I never considered being active in. I am slowly learning what the Bible says about being a team player in your marriage and in your family. I am far from perfect in my marriage, but feel like the effort is as important as the outcome.

The second is a devotional study in the Sunday School class I attend. We are talking about renewing the mind to heal the spirit. It is speaking to me so personally. I am learning so much.

The third is a Beth Moore retreat called Loving Well. It is a four part series that I'm studying with the women in my church on Monday nights. It is a Biblical study of loving others, especially those who are hard to love.

It's been interesting, to see how the three studies are coming together and enriching my life. I hope that I can articulate it well enough to post on it later this summer, as my studies come to an end and I move on to new and exciting topics. A goal of mine is to never stop learning and growing. To always be in search of knowledge that will enrich my life.

This week I will be continuing all three studies, as well as celebrating Independence Day with family. I will also be spending the week with my kids and taking B to swim lessons in the mornings. Tomorrow we will spend at the Hubs sister's, helping out with her kids while she goes to the dentist. It is a full week and I am blessed to be able to spend it with friends and family, enjoying the summer days.

I told my B that we could watch a movie today (our kids are turning into movie junkies, just like their mom and dad) but that the rest of the week, the t.v. is staying off. We are going to unplug this week. And tune in to each other. The studies I've mentioned above also mention the noise in our life and how it can be difficult to even think, if the noise gets too loud. There's been plenty of noise in my life recently, more than I had bargained for.

This means for me, a week off from writing or reading online. I'll continue to email, since I even tend to use that as much as the telephone to stay in touch with others. Other than that, I'll be offline for this week.

I hope that your summers are going as great as mine. I will be back next weekend, to read and write again. I will miss it, but feel like it's time to slow down. To calm down. To buckle down.

Until then...


Anonymous said...

I will do my bit to support you unplugging for this week by blogging only dull unhumourous mediations on Canadian politics. Unless of course Angelina Jolie births her babies and then I'm going to have to weigh in on the atrocious names she will no doubt use. Nonetheless: see you soon. Happy Independence Day.

nikkis30by30 said...

PLEASE keep reading your emails! AND DO NOT UNPLUG THAT PHONE!!!! I don't care if you don't answer any calls but mine, but I NEED TO KNOW YOU ARE THERE!!!! :(

I totally get the noise factor. I have been abusing it lately, on purpose. I don't WANT to think any more. Seriously. My mind is on overload with yuck. Ugh.

So glad you have fun things planned for this week! Can't wait to see pics from the 4th!!!

Love to all in your home!

Mama said...

This new tech is a new thing for me so I've decided I can spend 1/2 hr or less on it per day. I am not sure how it SHOULD fit into my life.

* NOTE- I was talking to Gr'ma S (88 yrs old) and she said, "We used to keep track of each other. We had the party lines (phones) and so we knew what was happening with our neighbors." Then she got a funny look on her face and said, "Well, we listened in (they called it rubbered??) when we heard the phone ring and so heard it first hand." She started laughing as she realized she was saying- doing something invading was "a good thing". I laughed out loud, too. Right there in the middle of Wendy's (her stroke speech said, "The place with the little girl.")I love being a part of a family.

Mama said...

p.s. The Bible Studies sound awesome.

Aliki2006 said...

You sound wonderfully busy!

Goiod luck with it all--enjoy being unplugged!

Twinny said...

Can't wait to hear how it went after you "tune" back in.

di said...

I have read your posts since our sweet Jacque passed to feel closer to you both. YOU are such an amazing young lady who Jacque thought the world of. I continue to smile as I read the wisdom beyond your years in your words. Please know how proud so many people are of you, but most of all JACQUE. hugs, di