Friday, June 6, 2008

Detox Day

We returned for Florida this morning at about 1:15. The kids ate cheetos outside the airport while we waited for the Hubs to pull around the van. I felt like mom of the year, my two tired bundles, eating junk food past midnight, sitting in the designated smoking area, freezing cold and completely exhausted. I had to bundle them up in my hoodies from the suitcase. We were definitely not in Florida anymore. It was cold and rainy and my kids were wearing tank tops.

We fell into our beds with a weight that I cannot describe. Our vacation was wonderful, but something I can't really articulate right now. I want to write on it later, when the words are not jumbled with the blur of excitement and emotion of the past week. Today I am letting it all sink in. We were there. We made it.

And now we are home.

Today I have summer on the brain and have enjoyed spending the morning reading everyone's posts on what they plan to do. Rocks in My Dryer (sorry, too lazy today to even do links) used Works for Me Wednesday to talk about summer activities. Beck has touched on the topic too.

I had this euphoric feeling this morning, this being my first day "off" of summer, now that our school year is over. Being a teacher, there is this exhausting push at the end of the year. We left for Florida about twelve hours after the end of my school year. Today it's hitting me - we are really off now.

So I have activities on the brain. Answers for the questions of what I want to accomplish this summer. I'll be doing some planning and list making today. Trying to get an outline of a plan. My B starts kindergarten this fall, so I have a goal in mind of helping her retain all of the wonderful learning that she received at her preschool this past year. She won't be taking naps in the afternoons now, so my plan is to do some of those things while her brother sleeps.

I had an aha! moment yesterday, realizing how much better my kids get along, how much more pleasant they are, when I really tune in and give them my full attention and energy. I have some goals of my own this summer on that front. That while we do activities and try to establish some routine, we also spend the summer together. Really together.

We'll spend the summer between the zoo, children's museum, the pool at our gym, the playground, and maybe a few day trips to other local attractions. We will also clock many backyard hours. Spend time with cousins. Unwind.

Today we are detoxing from the trip.
Tomorrow starts the rest of our summer.
At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am so excited about it all - I can hardly breathe.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Did you wear your signature grass bikini to the beach?

nikkis30by30 said...

I'm a cousin!!! Do I count in the lineup for the summer activities?!?! Let's make some plans!

So glad you are home!! Can't wait for some midafternoon chats on the phone and actually getting to spend some quality time together!

LoriAnn said...

Welcome home! I'm looking forward to pix and some Florida stories. I also can't wait to hear what kinds of lists and plans get made this summer!

Jenifer said...

I can feel summer approaching...the girls are done June 26 and we leave the next morning in the wee hours for our 12 day adventure to NY and Myrtle Beach. I am so looking forward to it and overwhelmed at the same time.

Enjoy your first few days off and relax at home!

Mama said...

p.s. Your children get along because SOMEONE has much better language skills now. It makes such a big difference. When people told me they were sorry their children learned to talk I never understood that because my children could get along so much better when they could communicate through language. p.s.s. FORMULA #1 big space in years between children + children= little disagreement #2 small space between children + children= lots of disagreement (Ok, fighting!)= close relationships. I know it's hard but it's worth every second. I love to see my kids RELATING!!! p.s.s.s Yeah, Florida!!!!!!!!

kristi said...

Glad you all made it home safely!!

Michelle said...

Glad you're back and had a wonderful time in FL! So how did the actual traveling go w/the kiddos? Did they do well on the plane? Were you able to keep them occupied?