Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another Day

Exiling Elmo Update I:

So far, the large pink Care Bear and a small black dog have been freed from their chilly barrel in the basement. My B was so excited and knew exactly why she was getting to go down there to get one.

She missed out on getting one at lunch time today. We went to the zoo and when it was time to leave, she did her standard "NO!" only in a sort-of high-pitched scream. At that point, I told her that there would be no animal because that was not okay. She did not pitch a fit, but instead said, "I understand mom. Next time I will just try to tell you. I'm just a little young for that." (Now where did that come from?). She totally gets it though and it seems to be clicking.

My hope is that the next time we need to leave a place that is fun, she'll remember a different way to show her disappointment. I've told her several times that she can be mad or sad or glad and she can tell me all about it. She just doesn't have to do it while screaming and laying on the floor.

I agree that it is a process and it may just take a little time. I also recognize that I'm not going to let a bad habit that has gotten embarrassing affect her development and relationship with others.

I was a teary and emotional child. One who sometimes was called a 'bawl baby', even by close relatives. Perhaps it is better to try to teach a different way of communicating. Instead of just belittling the way it is now.

I'm certainly doing my best. And so is my B.

Breaking news - 8:00 PM: A bendy-legged giraffe has just been sprung. The prison at casa OM continues to shrink. Her pride beamed. I'm now the best mommy ever. It's all good, for now. The best part is that she's getting positive reinforcement without adding to the piles of toys. And she's loving it!


Aliki2006 said...

I just read through your plan listed below! It sounds like a good one to try. We do something similar, except we put a stuffy in "prison" whenever T. acts up or doesn't use her words. But I like your idea--it IS like getting a new gift twice/day!

I like the new look, too!

Mimi said...

I really do think this is a genius idea. What a great solution to your tantrum problems. Still very impressed ...

Michelle said...

sounds like it's working out great for both of you! What a sweet picture of her too.