Friday, June 13, 2008

On My Mind

Lately, I'm thinking on and trying to figure out a plan for:
  • fun weekly summer outings (there are almost too many to choose from here)
  • getting back on my healthy eating kick
  • exercise - getting myself to the gym
  • farmer's market
  • behavior modification through positive behavior supports (my almost 5-year old has developed a few bad habits, like hitting me with her shoe, for example)
  • summer bridge activities for my soon-to-be kindergartener, you know, the one with the nasty shoe-hitting habit
  • being a homemaker, especially with regards to getting organized
  • budgeting, especially since we just found out we'll be needing to purchase new windows
  • menu plans
  • daily/weekly/montly routines

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh MY!!!

Seriously, I've got a lot going on in my brain lately. Too much. So I make lists and lists.

So much for slowing down for the summer!

TO BE FAIR: B has only hit me with her shoe once. It was Monday, when I told her it was time to leave the park. She was trying to get my attention about something, her croc was in her hand, she gave me a "pat" on the shoulder. I guess it stuck with me as an example of what not to do if you are four and want your mom's attention. I shouldn't really call it a habit, to be fair.


Anonymous said...

She's hitting you with her shoe? Has she been watching Eddie Murphy doing stand up?

Why do you need new windows?

Aliki2006 said...

Keep the lists coming--I need inspiration too!

Anonymous said...

Ah. Thanks for the explanation of B's shoeing you.

If you lived closer I would make you take my husband to the farmers' market. He loves farmers' markets whereas I'm skeptical that it is all a scam and the 'farmers' have just bought stuff at Costco rubbed dirt on it and jack up the prices 25%.

thirtysomething said...

She tapped you with her shoe? Um, my reaction to that one would not have been say the least.
Oh, the woes of summer and extra time on our hands...we crave it all year and then when it is here, we aren't sure where to start. We usually get into the swing of things in summer about three weeks before school starts back.
Have a good one!

Beck said...

Ah, good ol' summertime - so much fun for kids, so much work for mom.

Jenifer said...

AD's comment made me Mom just went to a farmers market on Sunday and brought me some maple syrup. Do you suppose they pour Aunt Jemima in those bottles?

Your list sounds a lot like mine, I can't help myself. As for B, it sounds like an age appropriate reaction. Rosebud who is almost 5 sometimes tries to "hit" us, but it is more like she places her hand on you and pushes hard - as opposed to striking. It still elicits me chirping, "we keep our hands to ourselves" ah parenting.

Michelle said...

do you have any behav. mod. tips for an almost-5 year old who won't listen?! Ex. Kayla go to the bathroom room; it's time to brush your teeth." That is either met with a flat-out "no" or the old "I'll ignore you trick" by just sitting on the couch and refusing to budge.

I wish I had the problem of too many activities to chose from! We haven't done much of anything yet this summer (besides Vacation Bible School) because it is too hot to outside and do anything - over 100 degrees every day!

nikkis30by30 said...

To all moms asking about behavior mods for their 5 year olds.... Kindergarten helped my now 8 year old tremendously!! They are BORED no matter what you plan for the day and once they get to school, it's awesome again. It didn't help EVERYTHING, but it did help a LOT. Be patient.... it's around the corner! I too have another 5 year old that normally is so easy to deal with and now that he knows "real school" is just around the corner, he is being unruly as can be. I know it will be better in a few months. I just have to let him live that long!!!!