Monday, November 16, 2009

Inspiration Can Be EXPENSIVE

I have a goal to stay on it this year. To shop ahead, get things bought and wrapped and be ready for whatever party comes my way. That's right, I'm ditching my procrastinating ways this year for the holidays (she says boldly, trying to stay in character).

Last week, the kids' holiday outfits arrived that I ordered from Children's Place online. I used google to find a discount code so got a great deal. Their holiday line is super cute this year, just the kind of plaid, red, sparkley goodness that we like around here. No running around finding holiday outfits, they are already washed and waiting in the closet. I can't even link to our little guy's actual outfit because it's out of stock, I actually bought the stuff on time this year instead of being frustrated in December when I can't find the sizes!

This past weekend I ordered gifts for everyone in the family from and then emailed the Hubs, who was in Kansas cheering on our Huskers, and told him that both of our gifts are ordered and would be wrapped and under the tree as soon as the tree is up. Unorthodox? Yes. But very fun, I'm getting just what I asked for! Hubs said it's not much fun, that I bought my own gift. I told him he's more than welcome to go out and choose something to add to the pile if he would like. I'm generous like that.

Today I took a solo trip to a big box store and bought up the rest of our kids' gifts. Itunes gift cards for our $10 grab bag gifts. Simple and quick. Ready to go. The gifts are hidden away, to be wrapped on another day when I get another chunk of alone time. I've got tape and bags and wrapping paper already purchased.

I also bought flour, sugar, cans of the different milks, chocolate chips, chocolate squares, etc. I should be able to bake just about any recipe my heart desires. I already know I'm making lots of Beck's snickerdoodles this year. They're quick and best when eaten fresh, so I'll make 'em and take 'em all season long. Yum.

Tonight I had the kids do letters to Santa with images I'd found for them to glue on their letters, based on what they'd already told me they're going to ask for. Might be helpful for Santa, just in case maybe he's already finished shopping for what he knew they'd want.

I feel so on it. I'm not waiting until the perfect moment to get things done. No big long list of what to do. No waiting for the perfect price, or waiting in a one hour line for the perfect price. Just getting things done. I know this may be stuff that normal people do all the time, but it's so not me.

So it may have cost me a big chunk of change right now, but come December, I won't have much left to spend. It's exhilarating, this working ahead stuff.

My goal is to really be on break when our winter break starts, rather than running around like crazy for the first two days leading up to Christmas. This year I just want to sit back, watch snowflakes out the window, and sip cocoa. Maybe write some letters and remind people they are loved. Breathe. Pray. Be.

So it's resolutions come early this year, and so far, I think I'm getting it!


Anonymous said...

Good for you!

We consciously make an effort to enjoy the Christmas SEASON -- not just the day, but the lead up and the wind down. And doing this is generally helped by staying out of the mall.

So what's a Husker?

Mama said...

Wow! That's all I can say.......

Omaha Mama said...

What's a Husker?! That's a whole other post! I will have to enlighten you my friend.

MidwestTwinGirl said...

Yay Huskers! I'm glad Jay got to go to the game. And I'm in awe of your Christmas prepping. Way to go!

Jenifer said...

So you are saying I cannot pat myself on the back for having bought five whole gifts already?!

We got our outfits from Children's place as well and I had the skirt version of B's dress for the baby, but it was so tight! I switched it for the plaid skirt and got the bow cardigan to go with it. The big girls got a red sweater with a shawl collar and faux wrap thing from the big girl side of the store.

I plan to wrap as I go this year instead of the usual marathon night.

Good for you, you are inspiring me to keep going.

Aliki2006 said...

You are amazing! I'm so envious...I just can't seem to any shopping before December, and I always wait until the middle of the month, when my semester is over, and the kids are still in school so I can shop in peace!

Mimi said...

Fantastic! Good for you!