Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Drink Water

Coach used to tell us that pop dehydrated the muscles. He preferred if we didn't drink it at all. I drank clear soda in high school, but nothing caffeinated.

This article makes me want to recommit to a no soda policy. Seriously.
What Soft Drinks are Doing to your Body

I don't drink a ton of soda, but have been known to buy a can of Coke on a particularly sluggish afternoon. I also tend to order a Dr. Pepper when we have fast food.

How hard is it to order water? Or even iced tea? Apparently pretty tough because my default is SODA.

I gave up the diet stuff when I was pregnant with #2, convinced that aspartame is evil. I still pretty much think so.

What I love now is a real cola. Pepsi or Coke. Mmmmmmm.

If something so simple as cutting out pop can help with my brain, muscles, and bone? Count me in.

I know the article isn't rocket science. It isn't really all that new of information, just a reminder.

It's time to give up pop or Coke or soda or whatever you call it!

So what about you? Can you give up the good stuff?



Anonymous said...

I don't drink very much soda, either. Once in a while a ginger ale or tonic water when I need...gas relief. Yes. I am v. classy.

I do carry a reusable bottle of water with me just to remove the temptation to buy a can when I'm out. It means I have to carry a hugely ugly purse, but it does help.

Now if I could just cut back on coffee consumption.

Jen said...

Sadly I do drink a lot of pop - I used to drink 2-3 a day, but now I'm down to 1 a day most days. I saw that article earlier today...I know I need to give it up...but have not found the energy for it yet.

Mimi said...

You know, I've never developed a taste for sugar pop: I learned when I was about 12 how many calories it had, and then it was nothing but diet pepsi for me. I actually find the taste of 'straight pop' really really sweet.

That said, I should cut back on the DP.

Pynchon lost 10 pounds when he switched from regular to diet pepsi. Ten pounds! But now he too drinks a LOT of diet pepsi ... Hm. I'll pass along the article to him ...

Jenifer said...

I am not a pop girl at all, I prefer iced tea or something not carbonated. That said the drinks I do choose when out are high in sugar and I could probably use the water instead.

Hubby drinks tons of diet coke it is his vice...he needs to see this article.

Katy said...

I drink waaaay too much soda, but it's a habit that comes and goes, so I don't worry about it too much. I've got enough on my plate.

I hate ordering water in a restaurant because I feel like a cheapskate--I almost always order tea.

MidwestTwinGirl said...

OH fine!
Make me feel guilty! Sheesh!
At least my kids don't seem to care for soda much yet. Jeff and I haven't corrupted them yet.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

I go through phases. Right now, I just stick to my coffee in the morning and water in the afternoon. I rationalize that I can have a soda every so often just like other indulgences. Chocolate, a beer, boys.... Okay so boys aren't really a factor in my life now. (Perhaps another way I rationalize the chocolate and soda?)

I do the fast food thing too. I feel like if I am paying for a drink, it should have something in it, like calories. I have now decided to invest in my health. If I do indulge in the soda, I never get refills and now rarely finish them!

Aliki2006 said...

I'm not a soda drinker, and haven't ever been. I just don't like carbonated drinks in general. I do need to drink more water, though, this is so true!