Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Other Side of This Coin

I can't seem to ever find the balance. As I feel so good about being ahead of the game this year with holiday prep, my home seems to have exploded. Every toy, every wrapper, every piece of clothing - clean and/or dirty, is piled around my home. Messes, messes, everywhere.

So I feel great about the holidays in my mind, I have a great imagination...but the home in my reality?!

Is a dump at the current moment. Fit for a health dept shut down.

Off to do the laundry, dishes, pick up, wipe up. You name it.


Aliki2006 said...

You know, I've given up on the idea that I can get all parts of my life in order at the same time--it never works that way at all!

MidwestTwinGirl said...

If only I could say that I at least had the upper hand on holiday shopping.

Sarah said...

I completely understand! I cleaned the kitchen today, but the floor around the dining table where I'm teaching my two year old how to cut snowflakes and trying to finish a Christmas sewing project? A complete mess. Oh, and that kid? Potty training so it is very likely that he is bottomless 98% of the time.

I'm enjoying your blog! I just found it recently and it appears that we're neighbors!