Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Pumpkins

Why did I think that by saying "No messes." that the three-year old would know to put a FINGER into the finger paints? B did much better, so I guess six is the magic age for understanding that concept. Although his blue pumpkin turned out just fine too.

While I cut up our jack-o-lantern, the kids painted theirs.

B likes to help scrape out the insides. Little man says "That smell makes me SICK" so he opted out of the pumpkin guts scraping activity.

As the kids get older, it's the little traditions that feel so right. That bind us as a family. We are approaching some of my favorite times of the year. And what means so much to me is that word. Family.

I've been feeling so crumby for well over two weeks now and I can still say with complete sincerity that I am blessed. So thankful for my family.


Jenifer said...

I must have done a good job on the pumpkins this year because so many people asked if they could take pictures of them!

Rosebud is not into the guts removal either and my Mom thinking it would be funny stuck her hand in...not so funny her reaction.

Papoosie Girl though she is right in there with me...loves the guts and the smell just like me.

You are right that it is the small things that bind us together. Through a bunch of circumstances on our holiday get-togethers with friends will be January. Papoosie Girl was genuinely sad this tradition has to be changed a bit this year.

She even asked me today if we are going out for hot chocolate and cookies (at our local coffee shop) on the day of the first snowfall. I had forgotten we have done that for the last two years now.

No matter what your happy, smiley faces are what you should remember. It is hard raising a family these days, but the rewards are so precious.

Anonymous said...

M. and his pumpkin may have a future with the Blue Man Group.

Psst...Jen, please post a picture of the pumpkins.

Mimi said...

Ha! So sensible of you to strip M down for easier cleanup! Painted pumpkins, what an excellent idea!

Adorable, all of you!

Omaha Mama said...

Before they started, I made them both take off their shirts! Just didn't post any of my little lady with her shirt off. Ah, gotta love the gender double standards!

Beck said...

My husband let ALL THREE KIDS carve their own pumpkins. WITH KNIVES! SHARP KNIVES!
He helped The Baby but the Boy and THe Girl were stabbing away... I couldn't EVEN WATCH. I just cringed in the next room.

Aliki2006 said...

Love the pumpkins! I know EXACTLY how you feel. The flu knocked me out so badly I am still so thankful for good health, and for times with my family.