Saturday, November 21, 2009

Our Library

This morning I spent some time taking the Halloween and autumn books off the shelves. Back into the fall decorations tote they go. Every year I pack up the seasonal books with the decorations, it's like getting new books every year when we bring them out. It's a little tradition I started with our Christmas books when B was a baby. And one of my favorite parts of our seasonal decorating.

I also set out our new books, a new addition to our Thanksgiving books (I noticed we don't have many of those), a winter book, and a wordless book that I've been wanting to get.

I also took some time to sort books, to get them back with their friends. I like to sort them by type, so we can find the ones we want to read easier.

It occurred to me that I may have a slight problem. An addiction, perhaps. So be it. I love books!

It all started with the gorgeous dollhouse bookcase my dad built and my mom painted for B and brought to my baby shower. It cried out to be filled with board books. I obliged. As she grew, so did our collection. She's got two shelves now in her room to hold the books. I couldn't leave out our second child, so our little guy got some shelves of his own, which we moved the board books to and also new boy-themed books.

I wonder what we'll do as the kids get older? When these particular books are not what they want in their rooms? I guess I'll have my own collection. I don't want to even think about that right now!

Books everywhere! I wouldn't have it any other way.


Mimi said...

Aha! I do that EXACT SAME thing with seasonal books. I just snuck all the Halloween and Thanksgiving books out of Munchkin's room yesterday afternoon, and packed them up in the bins with the fall decorations! We have winter book and Xmas books about to come out, and another set of books that come out in the spring, all about new life and regrowth and stuff.

yay, books!

Sarah said...

I'm picking up Christmas books at the library next week and we're reading our Thanksgiving books now . . .

We are avid book readers in our home too. I think we have one or two rooms that don't have bookcases, that's it! It always makes me sad to walk into homes with no books, it seems so empty of life. I always wonder what they "do" in their off-time? How do they learn things?

I love your daughter's bookshelf!


Beck said...

Getting the Christmas books out is one of the things I have planned this week!
We have floor to ceiling bookshelves in all five downstairs rooms - and the kids have their own giant bookshelves, too. We have a book problem and I weed out our collection TWICE A YEAR! Craziness.

I see in your post down there that you are making my Snickerdoodles. You are a wise, wise woman.

Katy said...

I went out and bought a Thanksgiving book this year. I think we have a couple of Halloween, but no Thankgsiving--shows where my priorities are, huh?

Aliki2006 said...

I love books, too--my kids have books overflowing in their rooms, and in eth family room, and even the bathrooms!

I like how you rotate the seasonal books. I'm always forgetting which ones we do have!

Jenifer said...

Wait a minute I do that too! I just found a pumpkin book upstairs last night that is en route to the Halloween bins. I just pulled out the Christmas books this morning, but have yet to open the tote.

I thought I was the only one to put the books away and bring them back, it looks like I am good company!

As for the overflow...I have two family members buying books for the girls this Christmas and all Papoosie Girl wants for the birthday, which is days later is a gift card for the bookstore.

Nicole said...

I'm a book addict too, and I was just volunteering at our school's Scholastic Book Fair...I succumbed and bought too many - again!

Subspace Beacon said...

If I ask really, really nice will your dad make me one of those bookcases? And deliver to my house? It's soooooooo cute.

Here's a confession: I don't keep books. I like to think of books as wild creatures that are meant to be set free: so when the kids have passed a book phase (ie board books) I give them away. Tho I was pretty sad to see all those cute Sandra Boynton books leave the house.