Tuesday, June 19, 2007

As the Clock Ticks

Under the Mad Hat has written a post about anger. And time. And quitting the blog-biz. It's thought provoking for sure.

It's something I was thinking about even before reading her post, but got me thinking further as I read it. She wrote about time and there not being enough of it. And about the blogosphere being a sort of all-encompassing thing that could swallow a person up. I agree.

If it is something I enjoy, I intend to continue doing it. I still feel like keeping this record of our family life will be so fun to look back on when my kids are grown and I can't remember things they said or did. Also fun for them will be reading back about their own childhoods, from their mom's perspective...when they are grown. I think it would be awesome to read my own mother's thoughts from when she was raising us. No such thing exists.

Then there's the reading, the endless reading. That's where the boundaries must exist. I have 12 blogs on my Google reader list and I intend to keep it that way. I need to check that Google reader only one time per day...or less. I don't do that right now. I also need to stop going to the computer constantly, looking to see if any one's been to comment or if any one's done a new post. There has to be a limit to this, if only because I've got so much other stuff that I'm not doing.

The hubs is certainly annoyed at how unproductive I've been around the house this summer. Our house looking like a bomb has gone off and left toys and clothes on every inch of every floor. I blame it on my being busy with the kids, which is partially true. It is hard to clean the house and watch the kids outside. If I would set a definite limit on computer time, that would certainly free up an hour (or two) of time also. Ergh. And Blech.

I don't think the answer is quitting. It is a hobby that I enjoy too much and find enjoyment in. I like to write and this is a great outlet for that. Much more satisfying than the paper and pen journals I've kept for so many years. It's more about finding that balance that I am ever questing for. It illudes me too often. I hope that this blogging, this "hobby" that mommies are taking part in, finds a place in women's lives that doesn't leave them feeling ever more stretched. And inefficient. I don't think that was ever the point at all...

I'm not looking for comments on how to free up time or how to blog after the kids are in bed or about how my hubs is being unfair...I really just wanted to share my thoughts on how this affects my life. And question whether this computer stuff, or something else, distracts anyone out there from the things they really should be doing...and aren't. Sigh. And Ugh.


Alpha DogMa said...

I hear ya, sistah! I've booked marked 20 blogs under my RSS feed. And that is plenty. The reading is the part that is time consuming. But if I weren't doing this, I'd just be watching tv or engaging in some other me-time activity.

I started to blog to amuse myself (and my husband), and test out my writing muscles. I've no greater agenda, no greater aspirations and so long as I keep these in mind, I don't think I'll burn out on blogging.

bubandpie said...

I was just reading a post about the benefits of getting rid of the TV - i.e. not having one in the house. I put quitting blogging into the same category - it's kind of an extreme solution. I'm not sure that the absence of blogging and/or TV will actually result in a cleaner house if the motivation isn't there to begin with.

I do think that if I weren't blogging I'd be reading more books, though!

Omaha Mama said...

That's just it! I've watched ZERO trashy daytime TV this summer. I used to like soaps. Now I find them annoying. No TLC reruns, not even Ellen. The TV is mostly off during the day with the exception of an hour or so in the morning that Brenna watching Disney channel. So I guess I've just replaced my former lazy habit with a new one. The good thing is, it's harder to snack while blogging. I think typing also burns more calories. Thanks for the epiphany ladies!!!

nikkis30by30 said...

LOL!!!! Just thought I would leave a little comment to burn some calories........... (each dot is a calorie burned, I say.........)...........

Phew..... gonna go rest for a minute now. And yes, I took the EV.

Michelle said...

oh I know what you mean! It does become too encompassing at times doesn't it?

That was one of the things I enjoyed about being gone for 3 wks, I had an "excuse" for not commenting on every blog every day! Like I need to have an excuse! but I need to get out of that feeling that I HAVE to comment on every single post on every blog in my bloglines. I'm finally getting away from that and allowing myself not to feel guilty if I just don't have the time, or just don't have anything to say!