Thursday, June 21, 2007

ONE Word?!?!

A one word meme. I've been tagged by Jen. Hey, thanks Jen!

1. Where is your cell phone? dunno
2. Relationship? married
3 Your hair? brown
4 Work? teacher
5 Your sister? busy
6 Your favorite things? shoes
7 Your dream last night? random
8 Your favorite drink? beer
9 Your dream car? Cooper
10 The room you're in? messy
11 Your shoes? flip-flops
12 Your fears? death
13 What do you want to be in 10 years? beach
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend? family
15 What are you not good at? assertiveness
16 Muffins? blueberry
17 Wish-list item? dress
18 Where you grew up? rural
19 The last thing you did? read
20 What are you wearing? t-shirt
21 What are you not wearing? goggles
22 Your pet? dog
23 Your computer? desktop
24 Your life? blessed
25 Your mood? even
26 Missing? friend
27 What are you thinking about? meme
28 Your car? van
29 Your kitchen? small
30 Your summer? FAST
31 Your favorite color? blue
32 Last time you laughed? today
33 Last time you cried? Saturday
34 School? August
35 Love? yes
36 Tag? Michelle



Jen said...

Well you certainly didn't waste any time did you!

Good job, there is something about this "lightening round" meme that makes you want to answer it fast I guess.

Beck said...

This meme is SO much fun! I'm loving hearing everyone's answers.

Omaha Mama said...

I did the lightning round meme so fast - I considered the 10 year question as a where instead of what. Yes I want to be an actual beach in 10 years. No, not really.

Ever see Friends? Where they wager the apartment and have a lightning round? What is Chandler's job??? And Rachel says "TRANSPONDER!" Monica: "That's not even a word!"

Alpha DogMa said...

WHAAAAAAAT? No goggles whilst surfing? Crazy.

This was a fun meme. No navel-gazing required. Hurrah.

Michelle said...

this does seem like a fun meme! Thanks for the tag...I'll try to get to it this weekend :)