Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kiss the Cook

Reason #1: why it's great to stay home for the summer:

(after a particularly gourmet meal of Hot Pockets and shells 'n cheese)

Brenna: "Mommy, you're the best mommy in the whole wide world. And the best cooker too. This is the best lunch ever. Can we play 'member-y' after this lunch?"

Buttering me up for another round of Memory, for sure. I'll take it.

Good times.


Michelle said...

how sweet! I love that picture precious!

Jen said...

Ha, "cooker" then there was the screwdriver wielding Hubby and the you are a good, "screwer" at my house.

Jacqniel said...

What a doll!

Mimi said...

Good cooker. Nice! And who could say no to that face, really?

Be Inspired Always said...

What a doll is right!