Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grains of Gratitude - The Vacation Edition

We made it! It was a LONG day of driving -

I didn't read a single page of a single book. I did manage to get through one edition of In Style magazine and picked up an issue of In Touch (gossip rag) at a gas station because the cover story on celebs without make-up sucked me in.

Mostly I enjoyed the scenery. And reaching back every 10-15 minutes to retrieve a thrown pacifier, get the girl a new movie, doll, drink, whatever. The boy ate us out of every snack we'd brought so there was lots of reaching around for that as well and then the subsequent wiping involved. Hubs drove the entire way both ways, admittedly because he did not want to deal with all of the turning, feeding, wiping, retrieving. I couldn't really blame him.

All in all, they did great. We had a great time. It was a great trip. All in all.

Pictures and a few stories from the road tomorrow. Now I must get myself to bed.

It's great to be home!


Fit for Florida said...

Glad to hear that your trip went well!

Jacqniel said...

I have missed you! So glad you are home safe and sound. Give me a call - maybe we could do 'lunch' at McDonalds so the kids can play and we can talk!

Michelle said...

I can so sympathize with the reaching back and turning around for one thing or another! I was doing the same thing (for all the same reasons) because Joe did most of the driving! Too bad we're not like owls and can swivel our heads around! LOL