Saturday, June 2, 2007

My Love

Today is my sixth wedding anniversary.

Yes, this is me.

On June 2nd, 2001, I felt beautiful. It was one of those perfect days when everything came together and we were able to enjoy every moment as it came.

And I married my guy. This great guy who challenges me, loves me, and is faithful to me.

In honor of our anniversary, here is a timeline of the last seven years:

2/19/00: The night we met. In a bar (gasp!).

2/20/00: Met for a double date. Mexican food and bowling. I saw him later that very same night at the library on our college campus (how had I never seen him before?). I tried to hide it, but I was smitten.

5/00: I graduate with my Bachelor's.

12/8/00: He proposes. I accept.

5/01: He graduates with his Bachelor's.

6/2/01: We get hitched.

12/01: Buy a house.

2/02: Get a dog.

11/02: Pregnant!

7/03: Baby!

1/04: I start grad. school.

8/04: He finishes grad. school. Master's degree.

6/05: New job for me. Move to Omaha. New house.

7/05: Pregnant (surprise!) again.

4/06: Baby #2!

8/06: I graduate. Master's Degree. New jobs at different schools for us both.

6/2/07: Here we are.

My head is spinning. It has never been dull. I love you hubs!


Jacqniel said...

Happy Anniversary! You are a handsome couple. Then and now.

Jenifer said...

Happy Anniversary! Lovely photos. My wedding day was the best too and I still feel that way nearly 10 years later.

Fit for Florida said...

You guys are so happy. I can't wait for my shot to create a relationship like you and the rest of our family have.

nikkis30by30 said...

**puddles** What a great day that was.... and I even got to be a part of it!! LOL!!

bubandpie said...

That's the way to do it - from meeting to proposal in less than a year.

Did you know all those dates off by heart, or did you have to look them up?

Omaha Mama said...

Oh...I knew these dates by heart. It has been whirlwind, but each date is etched in my mind!

Alpha DogMa said...

Whirlwind romance!
I met my husband in a bar, too. Yeah, my mother in law cherishes that story.
Great photos. Awesome dress. I always love wedding dresses that are timeless and classic - like yours. The photos are less embarrassing in 10 or 20 years.

Omaha Mama said...

Too bad I never had that dress cleaned. And it hangs in the closet with spots that have turned brown. Sigh...

mum2brady said...

What gorgeous wedding pictures! You guys are a beautiful couple - and the joys that come with the years (kids - degrees - jobs) just make life better :)


Michelle said...

I know I'm a little late; but happy anniversary!