Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Reflections

It was a day. Today was this horrible barrage of mishaps. We were short-staffed. I felt short-tempered. Luckily, it is over. I am amazed at how spring goes in a high school, at how the kids' behavior is. It is incredible how they seem to have forgotten every social skill I've taught them all year. So we do review sessions and we practice and we role play. And then they get out in the halls and they are crazy. I can attribute it to only one thing. HORMONES. The boys are coming out of the their skin. The girls are discovering their powers and using them to the fullest. The pent up frustrations come out in tantrums and work avoidance and extended versions of head locks and noogies. And I'm just a referee. A bitchy old referee. Is this what I really signed on for?

Then there's my own kids. Mason is a heap of emotions and cries puddles every evening. He's so tired from playing with all of those kids all day, he just crashes. And my little Brenna, all sweaty and whiny and weepy. She's also a little ball of emotion. She's informed me that Baylen, a sweet little blond boy at preschool, has asked her to marry him and she has agreed. The way she says boyfriend, I need to get it on tape. It's so funny. Boo-ey-frennd. That's what she calls him. She's so young to start that business.

They've been learning about farms at preschool and took a field trip. I wasn't able to go, but this is the report I got in the afternoon: There was a piggy. A black one. And it scratched its bottom with its back foot. And the farmer? He said the piggy got too big to live in the house so some people just left it right on the road! So the farmer brought it to live here. So it lives at the farm.

A two hour field trip to the farm and that's what she got out of it. Her stories honestly do crack me up. There's so much inflection behind it, she really puts some thought into every word. Too cute. I wish I could bottle this time up and save it for later. This time when her mind is so open and she wants to know so much. Then when she's 13, and hates us all, I'd like to let some out to remember this time. This perfect, crazy time.


Jacqniel said...

Patty told me about your day - you had one, didn't you? I should have warned you about spring - hormones DO rage!!!! From this point on just try to maintain - any learning that takes place is a bonus. You have come this far with maturity and grace - now you will be tested to the max! Hang in there! :-)

nikkis30by30 said...

Hang in there, babe. My kids are weepy by the end of the day, too. They spend all day outside running and riding bikes and all that jazz that by 7 they want to crash. This would all be fine, if they would sleep past 5 in the morning!!

I am sorry you had such a crappy day. Just keep telling yourself it's almost summer break, it's almost summer break, IT'S ALMOST SUMMER BREAK!!!!

nikkis30by30 said...

oh yeah.... I tried naming them like you said and they didn't change. It just kept the URL up there. I think I am too internet challenged to do this stuff. UGH!

Denguy said...

My daughter has boyfriends, too, and she's five.
My two-year-old son is in love with a neighbourhood girl--he gets all mushy and shy around her, temporarily loses his ability to speak.

Michelle said...

Brenna is so funny! I can just imagine the conversations you guys must have!