Monday, May 28, 2007

Keeping House - The Dining Room Edition

The Before Shot

So we did counter tops how long ago? A month? We still have "stuff" out on the dining room table from that project. To the left is Brenna's Do-A-Dot art stuff that she's just gotten out today. Other than that, it's mail, kitchen appliances, a package of diapers, and other misc. stuff that's landed here and never been put in its place. Today's the day. We're Keeping House!

The After Shot

Mail is piled, ready for sorting. Diapers are in diaper basket. Various kitchen appliances are in their place. Ahhh...

Hubs even brought home this bouquet (gorgeous!) from the district's three high school commencement ceremonies (his school was last yesterday and they were going to throw out these flowers!) which look quite fabulous on our humble table. Yes, they're real. If only the district would throw some of that flower money at my classroom...but I digress.

Mission accomplished. Dining room table is clear.


Jenifer said...

Doesn't it feel SO GOOD! I could be a professional organizer I love it so much! Good job. I was bad and didn't get to the fridge, but I finally bought the special glue to fix the border in Papoosie Girl's room so that is something.

org junkie said...

Well done!! Fantastic job. Isn't that feeling the best, I live for it!! Be careful though because it can be very addicting....I'm betting you'll be a junkie like me in no time! he he

The flowers are beautiful :)


Jacqniel said...

Wow! Your table looks great! I love clearing and organizing - when I am in the mood - which isn't nearly as often as it needs to be.
Happy 'keeping'!

Mimi said...

I'm with Jenifer: I would seriously be a professional organizer if this prof thing ever fell through. I would specialize in closets. You've done an AWESOME job on this table. Hurrah for you! AND for the nine pounds, too. Congratulations.