Thursday, May 3, 2007

a little redo, a little renewed

What I love about home makeover is that it makes you feel a little new too, ya know? Swistle did this great series about digging out, which got me hooked on her blog. Before and after pictures rock! I love when bloggers post pics of projects they're working on because it shows a little glimpse into their lives, into their homes. Voyeuristic? Perhaps, but fun nonetheless.

One reason that we bought our house here is that it didn't need a ton of work. Our first home needed a lot of work. This house was okay. SO SO. But the tax money came and we decided that our sad, sad sink had to go. So if you're doing the sink, you've got to do the faucet, if you're doing the faucet, why not the counter tops? We ordered these "solid surface" counter tops, LG Volcanics, Hi Mac something or other. I'm very technically involved, as you can tell. I liked the color and I loved the integrated sink. So here's the before:

or I should really say during. This was when the old Formica stuff was pulled out. There's a piece sitting on top of my stove. Cream, flat, boring.

The sink was gross, as was the faucet. It was time for something new.

So, good-bye sink. Good-bye Formica. Good-bye nasty, crusty faucet.

Hello Beautiful!

It's fun to be so vain. And to get something shiny and new. Hard to do it justice in a photo. My kitchen is TINY, so angles are tricky. But you get the picture. Not quite the gourmet kitchen off of the LG web site, but it's mine and it's new. And I feel a little renewed. Ya know?


Jacqniel said...

Your kitchen looks beautiful! What a pick me up. I LOVE getting new things for the house. Enjoy!

Mimi said...

Raowwwr. Gorgeous looking kitchen. The sink is lovely. We have a crusty faucet. Sigh. I'm living the dream, vicariously through you.

Jenifer said...

So new, so clean! Love that part. I am all about the new and clean, it is inspiring somehow.

Very nice.

mum2brady said...

Looks beautiful!!!