Wednesday, May 2, 2007

already better...

So today I'm feeling so much better. Thanks for the nice comments.

My parents came down yesterday for an unexpected visit and it was exactly what I needed. They stayed on for dinner, we ordered some delicious take-out, and really enjoyed a nice visit. It recharged my batteries like nothing else could have.

Today I'm home with my kids. They both are having "issues" in the restroom area, I'll spare the details. They both feel fine, are acting normal, just aren't "regular". Yuck.

The nice part about it is that we get a nice day at home with no plans. The best kind of day! My father-in-law is coming to rip out counter tops because tomorrow I am getting new ones! I am so excited.
This is what the counter top that we ordered would look like in a gourmet kitchen, if we upgraded the edging. But you get the picture, at least about the color. Have I mentioned I'm excited! They're getting put in TOMORROW! I'll put a real picture in of our non-gourmet/80's kitchen version then.


Jacqniel said...

How exciting! New countertops! Can't wait to see them. Glad you are feeling revitalized - parents can do that for you. See what power you have on your kids? Hope your day at home is restful - inspite of the restroon issues. Jacque

Michelle said...

Glad you are feeling better!

What a pretty countertop! Wish my kitchen looked like that :)

Omaha Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Wouldn't it be fun to have a kitchen like that! The island itself has more counter top and cupboard space than my entire kitchen! Our kitchen is done though and I'm looking forward to getting home and seeing it! I'll post real pics then!

Mimi said...

Nice counter! I'm jealous: mine is made of PAINT. Seriously. So it's not non-gourmet 80s, but rather, cheap-ass bad-90s-reno. Not by me. Blah.

Put up a picture already!!! Ok. Tomorrow will do.

Jenifer said...

I love this my dreams. See those cupboards with the glass, I wanted those so bad and they were like $300 each extra. So no glass cupboards for me, but I still love them.

Can't wait to see the new counters!