Sunday, May 6, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

Top of my list this week: my kitchen counter redo. How fun to have an update to a part of our house that was so run down. Now we're talking really boring updates like furnace/air cond/water heater. BO-RING!

I'm also so thankful for my parents, who were so supportive as I reached the breaking point this week. They came to the rescue, two-hour drive and all, and took some time to comfort me. I'm so grateful to have parents whose visits are a comfort to me, rather than the alternative.

Grateful for spring. Grateful for rain. Grateful for the approaching end of the school year.
I love May!


Michelle said...

Your new kitchen countertop looks wonderful! I'm jealous that you can even do updates like that; we can't do that in military housing :)

Thank goodness for parents that take the time out - I'm glad your parents were able to be there for you!

mum2brady said...

Thanks for joining in Grains of Gratitude :) I started it last summer and have loved how many people have joined in :) I know many of them have come from Michelle and Kayla's blog :)

I loved your list - and look forward to reading your future grains :) If you want to know the history of Grains of Gratitude - here are the links to the original posts :)

Thanks again for joining in!

nikkis30by30 said...

Isn't it WONDERFUL that we have such a supportive family?? It makes me smile to think of your mom doing all that she did for you while she was there. What a great thing to say we have..... a wonderful, supportive, and FUN family. Thank God for them all! Hopefully our kids say the same things about us one day!!