Monday, May 14, 2007

Grains of Gratitude

We got home from my parents' yesterday evening. I was sort of useless for the rest of the evening, aside from watching the kids play in the sprinkler, washing out the kiddie pool, drawing with sidewalk chalk, putting two little ones through the bath and getting them to bed, and then a little laundry and a Sunday night TV show. Our house sort of smells like a locker room, it has been so humid lately. I try to get all trash taken out and keep the laundry up, but nothing seems to help keep that smell at bay for too long. I can't imagine what it will be like when I have teenagers!

But that is not what I'm grateful for. I guess that was to explain why I didn't get my grains up last night. Here are the things I am grateful for in the past week:

  • My mom and hubby's mom. We both lucked out in that category and ended up with caring, nurturing moms. Moms who don't let ya down. Moms who you want to talk to on a bad day. I hope I will be that kind of mom to my kids some day.
  • A nice trip back to my hometown. My parents live in the country and have so much for the kids to do outside. They enjoyed the swings, sprinkler, sand box, outdoor play kitchen, and acres of green grass. I was grateful for the sunshine that allowed us to be outside playing.
  • A safe trip home. It's always nice to be back in your own bed.
  • A day to look forward to. Hubby and the kids gave me a certificate for a back massage, which I plan to use the day after school's out. A little incentive for surviving the next 3 weeks!


mum2brady said...

Wonderful list!!!

Glad you could have such a wonderful mother's day - it sounds sooo fun :)

A little bit of advice - don't imagine teenagers - you really don't want to LOLOL Enjoy your little ones while you have 'em, they just don't stay little quite long enough :)

Thanks so much for joining in, and I'm so happy you had a safe trip home!

Good luck with the last few weeks of school - they are always so busy for parents, I can only imagine what they are like for teachers!!!

Thanks for your comments on my blog and for joining into Grains - I always feel so uplifted after reading everyone's gratitude posts :)

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a nice weekend getaway (and you're also blessed with having a great relationship w/your MIL!) But I know what you mean about being back in your own bed!

Jenifer said...

Just catching up and trying to ignore the fact that my Monday post is still not up....

Those are wonderful things to be grateful for, I have a great relationship with my Mom, MIL and Stepmom and sometimes don't want to say anything since so many people don't. It is nice to know I am not alone with my good fortune.

Happy Belated Mother's Day!