Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Big Week

My little girl had two big firsts this week. I want to post some brilliant words about how I feel and what this means. Instead, my head just bounces around a jumble of words and phrases, none of which can connect to make a coherent statement about being the mom of a preschooler.

Next fall we'll go to parents' Cry Day, as she starts kindergarten. Next year she'll be a school-ager.
This year, we are in between. I love this age, four. She's so bright, so ready to learn, so happy with life. I love her energy and her silliness. She is this fantastic light in our home. This imaginative little girl, who loves without question. Who gives whatever she can. Who still needs her mommy and daddy to snuggle her and help her fasten her shoes.

I want to capture this moment. When she's on the cusp of becoming even more independent.
She had her first day of preschool. After a slight bit of drama where she was put in a different room than we expected, with a different teacher (they changed her back after I wrote a kind, but firm letter), she's all set for a year of Kindergarten Readiness preschool.

Our other first this week was her first dance class. She'll be going on Thursday nights for a 45 minute preschool dance class. Two of her best little friends are in the class. The other reason we chose the studio is that it's run by a former high school classmate of hubs, so that's fun. It's an old building on this sort of off-the-beaten path industrial track road. It all feels very urban to this smalltown girl who never took a single dance class. It's a great studio and Brenna "had so much fun!", at least that's how she put it when she came running out after the class. We're not planning on Brenna taking dance for more than a year or two (but who knows, she may surprise us) but think it will be a fun way for her to build coordination and rhythm. I'm a huge Klutz and would love it if she doesn't have to deal with that! We'll see how it goes.


Jenifer said...

This is a fun age. Papoosie Girl is six going on seven and Rosebud will be four next week. Here in Ontario we start Junior Kindergarten at four so she is starting next week, Monday will be her first day.

It is all so exciting this girl and baby not quite four. So independent and still a little one. She is also starting a dance class through our local Parks & Recreation. PG did the same class and is still doing classes, she loves them. I agree with the co-ordination thing! I am a big klutz and it seems PG has my problem. Rosebud though has natural is evident already.

Enjoy this time...I see PG so grown-up in so many ways already, it makes me want to toss Rosebud back into her crib.

Brenna looks so happy in the photos you can tell she is ready for new challenges and that must give you a good feeling.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Man, she sure is the cutest thing! I love the pic of her going to dance class!

Jacqniel said...

So cool! Is this the dance studio close to my house? She is such a doll.

Beck said...

What a cutie - and four is such a fun age.

Michelle said...

She looks too adorable in both pictures - and you're right -what big milestones!

Wow does she need that big bag for preschool? Kayla's school specifically states they can't use the wheeled backpacks. Kayla doesn't even need the big size one she does use, except anything smaller and the folder they send home every day wouldn't fit!

kristi said...

I loved the age of four too. My daughter was like a little adult!

Mimi said...

She just looks so ready for new things, eh? Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

And I love putting on Munchkin's shoes for her, too. The way she snuggles into my lap and extends her foot out to me. I'm glad I've got a couple more years of that ...