Monday, September 3, 2007

Keeping House - Unfinished Basement, After

I showed the horrifying shots of my unfinished basement.
My mom came. And we worked really hard. She's great at sort of, well...telling me what to do. Which I appreciate because, well...I sort of suck at such projects. I tire easily. I want to get lazy.

Instead, mom had me keep on keeping on.
She had this great idea to hang some flat sheets, to give the illusion of the wall. Even though we are the only ones who ever go down there, now we don't have to look at the shelves while we watch a movie. We hung them right where real walls will some day stand (when we finally finish the basement).

seating area before
seating area after

We also made an old t.v. stand my dad made for me when I went to college into a arts/crafts/games shelf. Which I am very excited about!

storage shelves before

storage shelves after - behind the new "wall"

I also organized all of my photos and scrapbooking supplies in one corner, which is really fun. Now when I scrapbook, it's all right there.

That's it. I could go around my entire house, showing off all of the gleaming surfaces. The places in the carpet where we spot cleaned out the dirt. The bathrooms where the gunk is now gone. But how boring would that be, really? When you could just say, "But OM, that's how my house always looks!"

Happy Labor Day! Aside from putting away some laundry, I'm taking the day off!


Beck said...

That is SO much better! WE have similar plans for today, which is... meh, not looking forward.
I fixed my link! Thanks for letting me know that it was broken! :)

Jacqniel said...

OOOOooo - it looks pretty! Good job!

Alpha DogMa said...

If I had my mom come and organize my house it would have more junk than before. Do you suppose packrat tendencies and clutter-adoration skip generations?

Your house looks lovely. Have a lovely labour-free Labour Day.

Omaha Mama said...

We've had that very discussion! My mom has a phobia of piles and mismatched socks because of her own mother's housekeeping/pack rat tendencies. Hmmm...

Anyone need a dissertation topic?

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Well, my place has never looked so nice. Good job!

nikkis30by30 said...

I don't know who has a house with small children in it that cleans the house to look like yours and it stays that way. Stop being so hard on yourself!! And when it DOES get messy again, you sigh, and you call Mom back!! LOL!!!

I love the "new" basement!!! We did that not all that long ago and it's wonderful. Except.... the kids... and the toys.... and the laundry and the...... ;)

Swistle said...

That looks so nice! Fun to see before/afters!

Michelle said...

what a difference in the before and after! You guys really did a lot of work and organizing and it looks great!

Oh, The Joys said...

Success!! Congrats!

Mimi said...

Wow! So much progress! It all looks great. Congrats.