Friday, September 14, 2007

Rambling Friday

Mason must have had a better day because his daily note just said "Have a good weekend!" Damn you people! Don't you know I need feedback before the weekend! Sigh. Hubs had picked up the kids and didn't even think to ask someone if it was better. I would have asked.

Vegetarians Beware: The OM family is eating Meat Lover's pizza tonight!

I told the Hubs never mind after calling his name. He still said What? I said, Oh never mind. I don't need beer, I need to learn to manage my stress without alcohol. He said, I'll go get you some right now. He knows me so well. And now he's off to the football game. (FYI: The beer is for ME, not the kids. I like to have one on Friday when they are off to bed.)

Hubs is off to supervise
(i.e. kick out) high school kids at the football game. Brenna has picked out Annie for her weekly movie night. The Sun'll Come Out! Tomorrow!

ESPN College Game Day is coming to Nebraska tomorrow. Big news around here! Hubs is even taping it. Yes, that's right, taping it. We haven't gotten the DVR back yet (we seem to get it back every fall during football season and then give it up in the winter when we're trying to cut back bills). So he's firing up the VCR to tape Game Day. And then we're off to the parade at AppleJack Festival.

I'm still mulling a post on turning 30 around in my head. Can't seem to articulate what's rattling around up there. I'll keep you posted. Pun intended.

Have a great weekend.


thirtysomething said...

Turning 30, eh? Yep, I crossed that line two years ago, and you know what? I feel great about it. I love being "in my 30s". It carries a different distinction I think, than "in my 20s".
Now, the meat lover's pizza...THAT is the way to bring in the weekend!

Beck said...

My kids find Annie TERRIFYING. Unwatchably TERRIFYING. Your daughter is made of stern, meaty-pizza-eating stuff.
(and turning 30 was WAY easier than I thought it would be. Easy peasy.)

Omaha Mama said...

Well - Brenna finds several movies "scary" and they usually include a fictional villain like the sea witch on Little Mermaid. But she'll still watch them, she just wants us in the room while she does. The Great Depression and a child with no parents? No biggie. Although...she did worry a little about why ALL those kids didn't have mommies/daddies. But not enough to not love the great song and dance sequences.

Jacqniel said...

Annie! I love it! Brenna knows how to pick 'em! Enjoy your beer!

Aliki2006 said...

I agree with beck--turning 30 turned out to be no big deal at all. In fact, looking back, I can't imagine why I ever dreaded it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Jenifer said...

Annie is on my list of movies to introduce to the girls..I think they would love it and I think they would be less scared that then say Ursala. I know exactly what you mean.

Enjoy your weekend, the apple festival sounds fun.