Sunday, September 9, 2007

Updates and Grains

Making a few changes today.

I now have a matching email address for blogging friends.

I feel much better now. I like when things match.

I totally stole B&P's idea for a name tag at the bottom of the page. Scroll all the way down and check it out, it is really cool. As she mentioned, the blog author may be the only one who ever sees it, but it's fun anyway. Feel free to go get your own!

On my profile, it has said "One Young Mom" for a while now. I turn thirty in less than 30 days, so I took out the young. Some may laugh, but I've always felt that leaving one's twenties means the end of youth [more on that later, I promise].

That's it for now. Email me at my new place, I'd be so happy to have mail from someone besides Google! I may even go crazy and start nominating people for ROFL and Perfect Posts and Just Posts. The world is all open to me now that I've got an email address to go with the blog.

Happy Sunday to y'all. I'll be tending to children whose noses seem to be leaking yellow goo today. No church, no first day of Sunday School, no rally day with all of the potluck/church fair activities. Just me, wiping noses and applying Vick's.

Grains of gratitude for today are for the minutes I've been given this morning to update the blog and read the few posts that people have done over the weekend. I've even wandered the blogosphere and have been lurking at all sorts of other blogs that I don't regularly visit. It's fun to do it without anyone screaming and crying at me while I do it! Thank you Playhouse Disney!
A quiet Sunday morning with a nice cup of coffee is something to be thankful for!


Jacqniel said...

Cute nametag!
I am cutting church today, too - no good reason - just not going.
Hope the kids' noses don't turn into anything horrific! You keep healthy, too!

Jenifer said...

This weekend has done me in...I am having a quiet Sunday afternoon too. Football on TV, little one asleep, big one reading and my doing this!

Hope the kids don't get that dreaded back to school sickness!

bubandpie said...

Gorgeous! So gorgeous! Every time I see a new name tag I like it more.

(That's my only complaint with Firefox, though - when I view mine in Firefox it always looks the same, so I have to go over to Safari to get it to update each day.)

Aliki2006 said...

It is ALWAYS something to be thankful for!

I hope those noses dry up soon!

Midwest Beach Girl said...

Lovin the nametag. And keep the Vicks rolling. My dad believes Vicks cures all like the dad from My Big F@t Greek Wedding believes in window cleaner!

luvmypeanut said...

I like the name tag too! So I shamelessly stole your idea! LOL

Michelle said...

A quiet morning is definitely something to be grateful about!

Hope the kids aren't coming down w/something and that they are feeling better tomorrow!

So do you want me to start using this email instead of the other one?

nikkis30by30 said...

Just getting caught up after a super busy weekend. Your posting of Miss B made me cry. I mean really really cry. I don't know why. Just something about how you described her. She is so perfect in every way, even when she is throwing a fit. I love that little girl. *sigh*

Hope you are having a GREAT Monday. I will try and post at some point today. :S

Beck said...

I hope you had a lovely quiet weekend and that your children stopped leaking.

Mimi said...

Ah, the yellow goo ... like the yellow leaves, it is a fall tradition. I'm glad you're getting some peace and quiet, though ...

Oh, The Joys said...

I love the name tag!