Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm going to try very hard not to whine. We'll see if I succeed.

Yesterday's dreary, 50-something degree weather and fore casted rain left us uninspired to drive an hour to an outdoor festival. Our kids are a lot to manage on a perfect day, I can't imagine what fun two cold and wet children would be. Couple that with their recent recovery from random daycare viruses and we nixed plans to go to the AppleJack festival. Boo hoo.

Then I got all restless in the afternoon and decided I would take the kids to the mall in the afternoon and walk around. Mason needs jeans, so I figured we'd drop by Children's Place and I'd let them go to the Disney Store (Brenna's favorite).

Bad idea! I will never do that again. Our double stroller is a side-by-side. It definitely gave me empathy for anyone who has ever tried to shop at the mall in a wheelchair. Why bother! The wheels kept getting caught on displays and I kept running into people. It was frustrating for me and I have a pretty high tolerance for such things. Couple that with my kids whining and fighting, wasn't pretty.

I will not take them to the mall by myself for many, many years. That stroller will never darken their doors again. It is great for outdoor events and walks in the neighborhood, but NOT for shopping!

During the trip I marveled at how it was just one of those days. I paid $2 for a soda and dropped it. I knocked stuff off of racks. I bumped into people. It was as if the universe was telling me to go home! So I did.


Jacqniel said...

Sorry you didn't make it to the festival! Shopping with kids in NOT fun - but I am sure in a couple of years you and Brenna can have a fun day shopping. My neice, who is seven LOVES to shop!

Mama said...

Mel, I heard this on Prairie Home Companion on the way home from church. "You need to turn the furnace on so you can focus on things like saving mankind and the planet. You can't do that when all you can think of is- I'm cold." It was funny, they were debating when to turn on the're topic is pop-u-lar!

Swistle said...

My mom and I each own a twin stroller. I have a front-to-back one, she has a side-to-side one. I prefer mine and she prefers hers, but we agree that neither is perfect. Going to The Children's Place with her side-by-side, though, makes me feel like screaming. She always has to agree to push it.

Michelle said...

wow that does sound like one of those days when you just need to stay home! I'm sorry you ended up missing the festival...bummer!