Friday, September 28, 2007

Rambling Friday

I sure am glad I've started this Friday post, which is all about making no sense at all.

Because I'm pretty sure that tonight I'm not up to making sense.


That, I can do.

This week has left me feeling tired and grumpy.

The students were belligerent (I'm not exaggerating). Even the good ones. All hormones and negative energy. Some don't believe in it, but full moon sucks.

Today would have been the birthday of a dear friend, had she not passed on in May. I brought out the autumn pillow that she gave me last year on my birthday. And I missed her.

Another dear friend is now fighting cancer from another angle, and bravely so, I must say. Still, I wish it weren't so.

My own kids are darlings, but also tired and a little grumpy themselves.

I've got a decision to make about Brenna and dance class. It's so fresh that I'm not sure if I can even talk about it. She doesn't appear to have much fun (although she says it is fun). She seems tired for the 45 minute class. There is no buy in, she doesn't do what the others are doing. My friend asked me if she's the one in the outfield picking dandelions. Why yes, she is.

I'm ready for a break.

I hope this weekend is enough.


8:26 PM at my house.
Brenna, to me: "I love you as King Triton loves Ariel."

Now that, my friends, made my WHOLE week.


thirtysomething said...

Oh, yeah, it sounds like one of those weeks, huh?
I totally believe in the full moon's effect on emotions and especially children's behavior! I am a childcare teacher and our kids have been OFF THE all week. Thank you Harvest Moon! I think I am now insane!
As for your friend, I am truly sorry. If you were near, I would say let's leave the kiddies with the hubby, or in my case, BF and make some homemeade pizza and devour it with a long, cold dark brew.

Alpha DogMa said...

Hey my kids are crazed, too. I shall blame the full moon and not the fact that i'm ignoring them in favour of blogging.

Jenifer said...

Oh I believe in the full moon insane stuff happening connection. My Mom worked in a call centre for years for an upscale credit card...anyhow on full moon's the phones would go crazy and the calls were the worst.

Give Brenna another week or so...if she is just so tired she cannot participate then I think I would pull her out. Try again in a year or so, or maybe a Saturday class.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

I love you like a fat like a fat kid loves cake. (Or like a blonde girl in Florida loves sitting at home on a Friday night eating boxes of chocolate and reading chick lit.)

bubandpie said...

I've got a couple of dandelion-pickers myself. Bub has shown amazing buy-in lately, though - it's been a long time coming. And I'm just starting to realize how shy poor little Pie is: even with me there at her Little Gym class, she needs to be the last to try everything, preferably after everybody else has moved on.

Michelle said...

sorry to hear all the students seemed to be having an off day on the same day! Hope next week is better!

I'm going through something similar w/Kayla and this soccer thing I signed her up for. Kayla would rather run pell mell through the gym and not pay any attention to what she's doing, where she's going, or who's way she's getting into LOL There are only 3 more Tuesdays of this, so I might just stick it out. I've left early the last 2 days, when I'm done chasing her around and I think she's not going to do anything else we just leave. Hope you're able to come to some peace about the decision you make -either way!