Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Smell of Football

Back to work today.

Yesterday was lovely.

I continued on my cleaning quest. Dusting off the front entry. Shooing away the spiders who were inhabiting the light fixture. I cleaned the front and back doors, ridding them of the two-foot high fingerprints that covered them.

We cooked out on the grill. And ate right there at the patio table.

We thanked God for the food and each other.

The wind was soft and I could feel the slightest hint of cool in the air. Summer is waning and I'm anticipating autumn with impatient excitement.

It's my favorite time of year, autumn.

I believe it's because I'm a Libra and was born in October. I always return to my center in the fall.

The changing leaves make me nostalgic for my childhood. For burning piles of leaves.

For buying pencils and Trapper Keepers.

The smell of the air on cool Friday night gives me butterflies in my stomach. We call it the smell of football.

In my small town, we would walk from the volleyball game at the school to the football field for the 7 o'clock kick off. You could hear the announcer from several blocks away.

It was all so exciting to a 14 year old. Being with friends. Hanging out.

There's nothing better than this approaching season. Even at 29.


Jacqniel said...

I love fall, too. The snap in the air, the colors, the smell of wood fires. MMmmmm.

Beck said...

What's a Trapper Keeper?
I like fall too, but it's so SHORT here. By October, winter is well on it's way.

Jenifer said...

I am just catching...I keep saying that around, but it is true. The basement looks great! Our basement while sorta tidy needs attention, we have a hard time sometimes of letting go of stuff.

Is a Trapper Keeper a type of binder? It sure sounds familiar. Then again I visited several Target's on my recent trip...maybe I saw one.

Glad Mason is well and congrats to Brenna writing her name. Rosebud is turning four next week and can only write a handful of letters. I am trying not to be anxious - Papoosie Girl could write all her letters and name by this age...I know it is no big deal, but it is stressing me a bit. Good for you for being so relaxed and good for Brenna for being such a dedicated little girl.

Jenifer said...

Oh and I love Fall, it is my favourite season...mind you it does bring football back into my house though! Not quite the same as your memories!

Omaha Mama said...

Trapper Keepers. A total childhood memory. It's the velcro binder that came with matching folders and pencil pocket? Does no one know of Trapper Keepers? I will have to upload a visual.

Midwest Beach Girl said...

My family always took the first day of school picture with all four of us kids lined up on the front porch. When I was in Kindergarten, Scott got his Trapper Keeper. He is proudly displaying it in front of him. (I would scan it in, but alas, my photo albums are in NE still.)

Michelle said...

I wish we had 4 seasons here! I really miss having a fall; it's still pretty warm here even through Oct...then it just starts to get cold. No middle ground. I can't wait for football to start :)

LoriAnn said...

High school football in Nebraska is a thing of beauty! In the small towns everyone rallies around the home team - even if they don't have a relative playing on the team. It's a place to see and be seen! I remember the first time my parents let me walk to Pizza Hut with "the gang" after a football game - I felt like I was a part of something big - I still remember what I wore and how everything looked and smelled - that gorgeous woodsmoke smell that's just so sharp in your nose! Oh I love fall (and football!) too!


Aliki2006 said...

Liam bought a Trapper Keeper recently with his birthday money. He was thrilled!

Mimi said...

No football in my hometown: obviously, we were all about HOCKEY. But I love the way you describe the sense memory as 'the smell of football'. I love this whole post, actually.

We teachers, we have September-love in our DNA, I think. We'd have to ...

thirtysomething said...

A TRAPPER KEEPER!! OMG, I can smell the plastic now. That year, I thought I was THE SHIT, 6th grade...like none other.
I too crave autumn. I wait for it from about July 1st, after the pool fun wears off. I love the cool air, the baking and cooking, the leaves, just everything...the sounds of the marching bands practicing on the field, the picking out of costumes...I could go on.
Great post!

Anonymous said...

I loved my Trapper Keeper. Grade 4, age 9, my mother finally let me buy one. But not one of the flashy ones in hot pink, but a dull burgundy colour. My mom thought it would 'age' better. Only my mother would look at a vinyl one inch binder as a collectible or an investment. Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about going commando to frighten off daycare seekers was too funny!